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Resources for change beyond the Referendum

First Nations people have fought for real, material, system change for 250+ years and this will continue beyond the Voice referendum. 

Non-indigenous people must listen deeply and find ways to support the resistance on-the-ground. Some of those ways are listed below. 

Please get in contact with us via [email protected] if you have suggestions to add to this list of groups. 

The months leading up to the Referendum will see heightened national attention on First Nations Peoples. Friends of the Earth will use our platforms and community microphones to amplify the diversity of struggles for justice led by First Nations Peoples, and direct our members and broader community to work they can support by donating their time, money and other resources.

Struggles for justice - including for Treaty, Sovereignty, self-determination of communities, rejecting community intervention and income management, land back and land management, funding communities not prisons (and connected fights to stop Blak deaths in custody, raise the age of criminal responsibility and get  young people out of detention), preserving First Nations languages and culture, and keeping children on country and with their families - are long-waged battles against the colonial state by First Nations Peoples that will continue on after the Voice Referendum. 

Here are some First Nations-run groups working for justice across many fronts (including climate and environmental protection, workers rights, and reversing incarceration rates) that we encourage people to learn about and support

Lots of work has been done by First Nations people across the country to flesh out the complexities of the 'Yes' and 'No' positions.

​​If people are interested in engaging directly with the Referendum campaigns and debate, here are some ways they can participate and learn:

We have compiled a list below of diverse First Nations perspectives on the Voice, including articulations of the Black ‘No’ arguments:


What is the Indigenous voice to parliament and how would it work?

Your questions answered on the Voice to Parliament

ABC EXPLAINER on referendum and the voice 

The Year of the Voice - Q+A Episode

It's our Voice - So let us speak - Kelly Menzel - IndigenousX 

Beyond "Yes" and "No"

Two chicken nuggets, a golf club and the Voice debate that forgot Indigenous Rights | Luke Pearson

As an undecided Indigenous voter, I just want the Australian public to vote according to the facts | Celeste Liddle

In these testing times, our Ancestors would show love and compassion | Teela Reid

Yes/No 2023 Referendum: Some things to consider | Emma Olssen

Support for The Voice 

The Voice debate is an act of Violence. But I'm still voting Yes. | Tarneen Onus Williams

Why I moved from 'no' to 'yes' on the Voice | Meriki Onus

Fighting for a Voice | The Saturday Paper

Noel Pearson: Australia doesn’t make sense without recognition 

Simple Explainer: The Referendum on Constitutional Recognition

Support a Voice to Parliament - Reconciliation Australia

‘Not going to chuck the towel in’: Voice champion Pat Anderson undaunted by criticism at Invasion Day rallies (The Age, Jan 27 2023)

Why I can’t attend an Invasion Day rally that seeks to sabotage an Indigenous voice to parliament | Marcus Stewart | The Guardian

Critiques of The Voice 

WALKOUT STATEMENT Aboriginal Embassy Statement from the Sacred Fire | Sovereign Union - First Nations Asserting Sovereignty

Uluru Statement from the Heart Walkout Video 

Amy McQuire: Voting on 'The Voice': Will it fight racist violence?

Lynda June Coe piece: Structural Reform - dissent is not a mandate for disrespect - Lynda-June Coe - IndigenousX

We have always had a voice, but we have never been listened to | Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts | The Guardian 

Lydia Thorpe Interview: Prioritising Truth-Telling and Treaty, Prior to Any Parliamentary Voice

Marianne Yoorgabilya Mackay: No to the Voice of Parliament  

The Aboriginal people who oppose the Uluru Statement from the Heart - The Sydney Sentinel

Gary Foley: Speaking out: Gary Foley lends his voice to the Indigenous community opposing the Voice

 Sarah Maddison: "Recognise What? Problems With The Campaign For Constitutional Recognition"

Thinking Sovereignty: The Declaration of Recognition 

Non-Indigenous Writer Tom Tanuki, shares some grassroots perspectives & calls out media: Indigenous arguments against the Voice exist — but the media is hiding them

Mervyn Eades speaks with WAMN News  explaining why they want Treaty not Voice

For learnings about the previous Referendum: Gary Foley on the 1967 Referendum

Some further insight on the “80% Indigenous Support” Poll Figure

A statement on our position can be found here.

For more context here is a history of FoE's First Nations Solidarity