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Take action to protect the Snowy Mountains

ISC.jpgThe alpine regions of the Snowy Mountains are in one of Australia's most loved national parks.

However, feral horses are damaging sensitive alpine ecosystems and streams, causing the decline and extinction of native animals like the critically endangered southern corroboree frog. The federal government’s Threatened Species Scientific Committee recently stated that feral horses ‘may be the crucial factor that causes final extinction’ for 12 alpine species.

With the feral horse population so high, thousands need to be removed annually to stop this national park becoming a horse paddock. Now the NSW government is one step away from allowing aerial control of feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park. This is huge news and a crucial step for our threatened native wildlife and the fragile alpine ecosystems they call home. But we need the community to back this move by the government.

The Invasive Species Council (ISC) has set up an online submission process so you can add your voice.

The NSW government has opened a month-long public consultation and anyone in Australia can take part. The ISC wants to ensure everyone who cares about Kosci and its wildlife helps get these vital changes over the line by making a submission.

That’s why it’s crucial the NSW government hears from you! Tell them you support aerial culling to protect our native wildlife and ecosystems from destructive feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park today.

It doesn’t need to be long and you don’t need to be an expert – just tell them you want our native wildlife protected and support national parks staff having all the appropriate tools to do this.

The ISC has  provided an example submission for you to edit. Add your own words and experiences to make it even more powerful. You can find the template here.

Plase send a submission before September 11.

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