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Time for a National Just Transition Authority

Australia has traditionally relied on coal fired power stations to meet its energy needs. This is now rapidly changing, as renewable energy and storage becomes cheaper and older coal fired power stations become ever more expensive to run and less reliable. 



Friends of the Earth has long argued for the need for a national Just Transition Authority

Now, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has issued a call for the Albanese government to establish an independent and properly resourced national Energy Transition Authority to manage an orderly and fair transition process for affected workers – including support for redeployment, skills and training, and secure job opportunities.

Friends of the Earth supports this call and encourages our members and supporters to sign the letter below, which will go to the prime minister Anthony Albanese.

You can find details on the ACTU proposal in their Secure Jobs for a Safer Climate report.

You can sign our letter to the prime minister Anthony Albanese, asking him to create the Authority here.

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