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Clive Palmer owned Waratah Coal’s Coal Fired Power Station is Refused

FoEA_Website_Blog_-_Waratah_Miles_Win_Refusal_MASTER_.pngBig Big News! Today Minister for State Development Steven Miles refused the development application of Waratah Coal Pty Ltd’s planned coal fired power station for Queensland, following in the heels of the 2 November Department of Environment decision to not grant an environmental licence.

This is really big news, and we want to thank you for your support! For almost 2 years, the Minister for State Development, Steven Miles, has allowed an approval process to continue for the power station. Today Minister Miles finally rejected the climate wrecking proposal.

After leading community opposition to Waratah Coal’s mine and power station plans since 2007, Friends of the Earth Brisbane is celebrating ‘people power’. Clive Palmer owned Waratah Coal’s plan to build and run a 50 year, 1400 MW coal fired power station was totally out of step with the climate emergency. Gone are the days of coal, the future is clean renewable energy.

This is a great example of people power. Our campaign to pressure Minister Miles to make the right decision, and your valued support paid off. Thank you for playing a part in this win, and great news.

Climate change is more than a threat, we are feeling its impacts now. Australia is bracing for another extreme weather summer, and the recent bushfires should sound the alarm. Today Minister Miles has made a good start but more needs to be done.

Now is the time to close the Queensland Government owned fleet of coal fired power stations.


Become a supporter of Friends of the Earth Brisbane to build the people power.


Right now, the Queensland Government is the largest primary owner and operator of electricity generators in the State. Friends of the Earth supports State owned energy generation, but the Queensland Government needs to do more, and must close down its dirty coal power stations. We can not fend off the worst of climate change, and protect our beautiful natural places, whilst relying on coal energy.

Together we must stand up and continue to demand that the Queensland Government puts Queenslanders safety first and shuts down these dirty coal climate wrecking facilities for good.


We can win this.

Friends of the Earth Brisbane will not stop campaigning to end fossil fuel use, whatever form it takes. We will continue to fight to protect the environment, the Great Barrier Reef, and for a safe climate for all future generations, and we know it can be done. We need your support - join us, donate and participate.


Will you join us to ensure fossil fuels use ends? Let's stand together. Together we can force the Queensland Government to shut down these projects forever.

Donate now to continue our great work.

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