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Made in Morwell - Dignified green jobs in coal country

Production has started at the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative (EEMC), a worker-run solar hot water factory in Morwell, in the heart of Victoria’s coal region.

EEMC is a part of the broader Earthworker ecosystem, which includes the Redgum Cleaning Cooperative, and several other emerging worker-cooperatives. Earthworker is a decades-long project committed to developing worker-owned cooperatives in sustainable industries, so that we can “work our way out of climate crisis”.

The project brings together environmentalists and trade unionists to build practical solutions to the economic and ecological crises we are all facing.

As a worker-cooperative where each member has an equal say, EEMC is a model of economic democracy. It is also a practical example of the green jobs we need to ensure regional communities are not left behind as fossil fuels are inevitably phased out. Importantly, EEMC is a rebuke to the argument that we must always choose between jobs and a healthy ecology.

EEMC is now able to fulfill orders for solar hot water systems - made in Morwell - including a new high performing CO2 heat pump and evacuated tube solar hot water systems. The Victorian Government is currently offering Solar Hot Water Rebates that can be used with EEMC systems. Rebates can only be used once, so make sure they are with these high-quality solar hot water systems that also contribute to the development of good, dignified, green manufacturing jobs where they are needed most.

Getting an energy saving solar hot water product for your home, school, business or community group is a powerful way to support the growth of a strong, democratic social sector of the economy - and help foster a ‘just transition’ for the Latrobe Valley.

You can find out more, and request a quote, here.

Earthworker Co-op is a member of Friends of the Earth Australia.

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