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Chain Reaction Past Issues

Chain Reaction Past Issues

This webpage contains links to most issues of Chain Reaction, the national magazine of Friends of the Earth Australia, since 1975.

This collection includes all issues of Chain Reaction since 1975 except numbers 1, 2, 60, 73‒89, 91‒92, 94‒96.

Big thanks to Beth Hallett for contributing so much to this archiving work!

You can read a short history of Chain Reaction here and a history of Friends of the Earth Australia here.

Please email [email protected] if you spot any errors.


Chain Reaction #139 – May 2021

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Friends of the Earth Australia News

Black Lives Matter

Mining companies have operated with a free rein and few consequences for too long ‒ Jamie Lowe

Juukan Gorge inquiry puts Rio Tinto on notice, but without drastic reforms, it could happen again ‒ Deanna Kemp, John Owen and Rodger Barnes

Black Lives Matter ‒ Friends of the Earth U.S. and Australia statements

Black lives, white lies ‒ Lidia Thorpe

Australia still turns a blind eye to Aboriginal people dying in police custody ‒ Celeste Liddle

Despite 432 Indigenous deaths in custody since 1991, no one has ever been convicted ‒ Alison Whittaker

Why we organised Melbourne's Black Lives Matter rally ‒ Tarneen Onus-Williams, Crystal McKinnon and Meriki Onus

Our struggles, while not all the same, are interconnected ‒ Bridget Harilaou


We live in dangerous times, not unprecedented times ‒ Kris. Rallah-Baker

Global Covid-19 news digest

Policing as part of the national psyche ‒ Osman Faruqi

Climate / Energy

Toda Pacific Declaration on Climate Change, Conflict and Peace

Fossil gas ‒ households in hot water ‒ Jim Crosthwaite

Community vs. gas in a post-coronavirus Victoria ‒ No New Gas Working Group

Marine cloud brightening – a fossil fuel industry smokescreen? ‒ Louise Sales

Fighting for the rights of nature in the Constitutional Courts of Ecuador ‒ Melbourne Rainforest Action Group

Other articles

Melbourne Metro 2: A boon for public transport connectivity ‒ Natasha Manawadu

Why the Land Forces arms expo and conference must not go ahead ‒ Robin Taubenfeld, Sam Castro and Phil Evans

Australian uranium fuelled Fukushima ‒ Jim Green and David Noonan

Agriculture Minister's trust in pesticide safety puts public health at risk ‒ Richard Nankin

Creative Content ‒ Eleanor March, Suse Scholem and Sue Stack

Nuclear waste and nuclear medicine in Australia ‒ Dr Margaret Beavis


Film review: Michael Moore's weird world of renewable energy haters

Biotech juggernaut: hope, hype, and hidden agendas         

Official channels


Chain Reaction #138 ‒ May 2020

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Regular Items

Friends of the Earth Australia News

Friends of the Earth International News


Australia's Black Summer

Australia's bushfire debates ‒ Cam Walker

Bushfire resilient land and climate care ‒ David Holmgren

Droughts, floods and fires: where does water fit in the climate crisis? ‒ Charlotte Borthwick

Genetic Engineering

'Miracle cows' highlight the risks of gene editing ‒ Louise Sales

The cautionary tale of some gene edited cattle ‒ Jonathan Latham


COVID-19 crisis is a wake-up call for system change ‒ Friends of the Earth International

Open Letter: Fund Aboriginal Responses to COVID-19

Coronavirus in the media

Climate & Energy

Towards a national offshore wind strategy for climate action: Opportunities and challenges ‒ Pat Simons

$2 billion for Coal Seam Gas expansion in NSW ‒ Kristine Philipp

Playing politics on climate action? ‒ Tony Webb

Friends of the Earth present to Vic parliamentary inquiry into community action on climate ‒ Leigh Ewbank

How can public transport help with climate change? ‒ Tsz Ying Sheung

Climate Bills in federal parliament

How can we transition the fossil gas industry? ‒ Jim Crosthwaite

Other Articles

Australian nuclear dump decision trashes indigenous peoples' rights ‒ Jim Green and Michele Madigan

Acting up! Recording FoE's 45 years of creative resistance ‒ Em Gayfer

Another Amazonian Indigenous leader is murdered in Brazil ‒ Amazon Watch

A major scorecard gives the health of Australia's environment less than 1 out of 10

World leaders urged to 'step back from precipice' of ecological ruin

Sand mining industry fuelling murders, mafias and ecological devastation ‒ Anna Kelsey-Sugg and Taryn Priadko

Australia's SolGold pushes ahead in Ecuador despite unrest ‒ Rainforest Action Group

All roads lead to lead: the fight for clean water in a Tasmanian town ‒ Tim Slade


Chain Reaction #137 ‒ December 2019

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Regular Items

Friends of the Earth Australia News

Climate & Energy

Bushfires and climate change

Change the system or face climate catastrophe ‒ Dipti Bhatnagar

Human Rights and Climate Change: Brisbane Conference Summary ‒ Wendy Flannery

Exploring the criteria for Statehood in international law in respect to climate change induced migration ‒ Freya Bliss

Climate change and Tuvalu sovereignty ‒ Taukiei Kitara

Electric Vehicles: Why is Australia in the slow lane? ‒ Dan Bleakly

The communities on the frontline of new fossil fuels in Victoria ‒ Kate Wattchow

The Commons Social Change Library

What we're missing in climate conversations ‒ Aaron Brooks

Other Articles

Australia's hypocrisy on nuclear weapons cannot continue ‒ Gem Romuld

Why the nuclear lobby makes stuff up about the cost of wind and solar ‒ Giles Parkinson

What does the state government's announcement actually mean for Victoria's forests? ‒ Goongerah Environment Centre

Yeelirrie Solidarity Camp 2019 ‒ K-A Garlick

Federal Government and 'opposition' sign off on uncontrolled genetic experiment ‒ Louise Sales

Facing barbarism ‒ David Faber

Towards a government committed to a Green New Deal ‒ Tony Webb

Neoliberalism versus justice on Ecuador's mining frontier ‒ Rainforest Information Centre & Rainforest Action Group

Environmental activist killings double as corruption identified as key driver ‒ Nick Kilver


Songspirals: Sharing women's wisdom of Country through songlines

Climate Futures: Re-imagining Global Climate Justice

Pluriverse: Why we need alternatives to development

Bruce Pascoe: Selected Stories and Essays

Social Defence

The Hard Right in Australia


Chain Reaction #136 ‒ August 2019

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Friends of the Earth Australia News

Green New Deal

Transforming Victoria: Creating jobs while cutting emissions

The New Deal and the Green New Deal ‒ Katherine Phelps

A Green New Deal needs to be global, not local ‒ Andrew Taylor and Harpreet Kaur Paul

Murray-Darling Basin

Back on Track: A Community Action Plan to restore integrity in the Murray Darling Basin

The Murray-Darling Basin scandal: economists have seen it coming for decades ‒ John Quiggin

Chennai is the latest city to have almost run out of water and Australia is not immune


Choosing Humanity: Why Australia should sign the UN nuclear weapon ban treaty

Nuclear power and Australia's culture wars ‒ Jim Green

Nuclear Power ‒ No Solution to Climate Change ‒ Friends of the Earth Australia Statement

Our environment law is powerless to prevent extinction and this ruling just proved it ‒ Piers Verstegen

Unfinished Business: Spotlight grows on Rio Tinto Kakadu uranium clean-up ‒ Dave Sweeney

BHP Olympic Dam tailings an "extreme risk" to workers and the environment ‒ David Noonan

Welcome to Rockhampton ‒ gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, host to Talisman Sabre war 'games' ‒ Robin Taubenfeld

From Ranger to Fukushima ‒ Alexander Brown

Other Articles

There’s a lot of bad news in the UN Global Environment Outlook, but a sustainable future is still possible ‒ Pedro Fidelman

Australia’s 2018 environmental scorecard: a dreadful year that demands action ‒ Albert Van Dijk and Shoshana Rapley

Nine reasons to fight for ambitious emissions reduction targets in Victoria ‒ Phillipa Grylls

Changes to our gene technology regulations will put us all at risk ‒ Louise Sales

World hunger is on the rise ‒ Timothy A. Wise

Northern Territory drinking water ‒ Anthony Amis

Community concerns over 5G: Needless anxiety or wise precaution? ‒ Don Maisch

Environment reporters and defenders face harassment and murder

Malaysia must not renew Lynas' licence to generate more toxic radioactive waste


Chain Reaction #135 ‒ April 2019

To read or download PDF click here or to read online use the links below.

Friends of the Earth Australia News

Students Strike for Climate Action

150,000 students strike for climate action around Australia

Why these Australian students will strike for climate change action

The climate change strike: from a student who was there ‒ Aceda Rose

Climate change is sexist: why I'm striking to support girls around the globe ‒ Lauren Lancaster

International Women's Day

International Women's Day needs to return to its radical roots ‒ Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah and Ana Ines Abelenda

Gender justice and dismantling patriarchy

International Women's Day 2019

Racism in Australia; Terrorism in Christchurch

Calling out those who created a toxic environment for Muslims ‒ Susie Latham

Tears for Christchurch: Australia first imported hate in 1788. Now we're in the export business. ‒ Chris Graham

Other Articles

Dirty deeds: how to stop Australian miners abroad being linked to death and destruction ‒ Julia Dehm

Gina and Twiggy's South American adventure ‒ Anthony Amis

Leading gene editing experts call for a moratorium on its use in humans ‒ Louise Sales

Adani's new law firm put forward 'trained attack dog' strategy for waging legal 'war' ‒ Josh Robertson

Aboriginal voices are missing from the Murray-Darling Basin crisis ‒ Bradley J. Moggridge and Ross M. Thompson

Policy and politicians are failing our environment and our future ‒ Ebony Bennett

The major parties really don't care that much about the environment ‒ Henry Boer

Why waste-carbon injection is a dangerous distraction from climate action ‒ Catherine Hearse, Zianna Fuad and Kate Wattchow

Hinchinbrook Island open for business ‒ Ingrid Marker

Electric cars are OK, but public transport is better ‒ Rachel Lynskey

War, what is it good for ... besides blood lust and the Avalon Airshow? ‒ Dave Sweeney

WWF benefiting from histories of human rights abuse ‒ Lian Sinclair

Protecting grassy plains west of Melbourne ‒ Ben Courtice

The saga of Lynas Corporation and its massive piles of toxic wastes in Malaysia ‒ Lee Tan and K.K. Tan


Wrong Way: How Privatisation and Economic Reform Backfired

Not that bad: Dispatches from rape culture

Adani and the War Over Coal

The food sharing revolution

The story of a weed killer, cancer and the corruption of science

The Women's Atlas

The Mess We're In ‒ Bernard Keane

Yes Yes Yes: Australia's journey to marriage equality

Vandana Shiva: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom

Hoodwinked: How Pauline Hanson fooled a nation

Governing shale gas in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe


Chain Reaction Issue #134, December 2018

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Friends of the Earth Articles

FoE Australia News

A dead river's a real drag ‒ Fox Pflueger

Australian miners hone in on Ecuador ‒ Anthony Amis

States reject proposal to deregulate new genetic modification techniques ‒ Louise Sales

Rethink Melbourne's North East Link ‒ Rachel Lynskey

Indramayu farmers against coal power ‒ Wahyu Widianto

Resist fascism: building food sovereignty from people's unity ‒Martín Drago

People Power in action: Communities in England resist fracking

Energy & Climate

Four key steps to take Australia towards 100 per cent renewable electricity ‒ Mark Diesendorf

Port Augusta shows off its green energy credentials ‒ Stephen Long

The energy of Thomas Playford ‒ David Faber

REN21 Renewables 2018 Global Status Report

Yes, Prime Minister, I'm striking from school

What would a fair energy transition look like? ‒ Franziska Mey and Chris Briggs


UN nuclear weapons ban treaty spurs research on impact of nuclear testing ‒ Matthew Bolton

ANSTO nuclear waste to compromise safety and security in SA ‒ David Noonan

Matt Canavan's 'urgent' new nuclear waste dump: The devil is in the detail ‒ Dave Sweeney

Don't dump on South Australia rally ‒ Mara Bonacci

Australian Nuclear Free Alliance 2018 meeting

Western Australian uranium industry on the brink ‒ Mia Pepper

Nuclear industry insiders and lobbyists learns to love the bomb ‒ Jim Green

Other Articles

Margaret Thorsbourne

How the environmental justice movement transforms our world

Almost four environmental defenders a week killed in 2017 ‒ Jonathan Watts

Agent Orange — a humanitarian concern we can do something about ‒ Charles Bailey

Working to protect cassowaries in far-north Queensland ‒ Ingrid Marker

It's time for Australia to stop arms promotion ‒ Medical Association for Prevention of War

Sitting here on Djapwurrung country protecting sacred trees ‒ Amanda Mahonet

Chemical pollutants ‒ Just because the amounts are small, does it mean they are safe? ‒ Alfred Poulos


Chain Reaction Issue #133 ‒ September 2018

To read or download PDF click here or to read online use the links below.

Friends of the Earth Articles

FoE Australia News

Quantifying risks to Australian drinking water quality ‒ Anthony Amis

Plan to sell Mother Nature down the river ‒ Megan Williams

The proposed Nullinga Dam in North Queensland

Concerns over spraying on Lake Tinaroo ‒ John Glue

The magnitude of the planetary crisis requires action of a similar size ‒ Karin Nansen

Several months on and still no protection for Mt Baw Baw quoll ‒ Maggie Riddington

Wild Elements: A photo exhibition in support of East Gippsland's old growth forests ‒ Ed Hill

Vic logging experiment designed to kill threatened Greater Gliders ‒ Ed Hill

It's about time super funds came clean on climate ‒ Julien Vincent

A tale of two valleys: The isolation of regional voices and their fight for community resilience ‒ Zianna Fuad

Rising tide of court cases threatens Shell ‒ Sara Shaw and Freek Bersch

Implications of climate change for Australia's national security: Whose security do they have in mind? ‒ Jyotishma Rajan and Wendy Flannery

An overview of climate change related displacement, relocation and migration challenges in the Pacific ‒ Volker Boege

Loss and damage in the international climate negotiations

Other Articles

Air pollution – not just global warming ‒ Alfred Poulos

Just and equitable urban greening? ‒ Benjamin Cooke and Tyler King

A journey to the heart of the anti-nuclear resistance in Australia: Rad Tour 2018 ‒ Ray Acheson

Mismanaging Australia's nuclear waste ‒ Mara Bonacci

The Vision of Ecological Civilization ‒ Lloyd Hebert


The use of biological warfare in the conquest of Australia

The Biggest Estate on Earth – How Aborigines Made Australia

Dark Emu

Dissent: student press and the rise of the counterculture in 1960s Australia

The Silent Threat

Eggshell Skull

Adani and the War Over Coal

Global Green Shift: When Ceres Meets Gaia

Marx and the Earth: An anti-critique

Seven steps to creating a sustainability transition movement in your community

How Russia helped Donald Trump win

The Big Four: The Global Accounting Monopoly


Chain Reaction Issue #132 ‒ April 2018

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FoE Australia News

The movements of the Australian environment movement ‒ Cam Walker

Why do Chinese workers matter? ‒ Andrew Taylor

Documents reveal FSANZ misled minister regarding the safety and legality of nanoparticles in baby formula ‒ Jeremy Tager

The failure of a forestry giant's carbon offset project in Uganda ‒ Kristen Lyons

Postcapitalising post carbon for the win ‒ Karun Cowper

CSIRO planning US military funded genetic extinction experiments in Western Australia ‒ Louise Sales

Australia could become the first country in the world to deregulate genetically modified animals ‒ Louise Sales

Brisbane celebrating 50 years of direct action for civil liberties ‒ Robin Taubenfeld

Our chance to cut Victoria's emissions ‒ Zianna Fuad

Victoria's Emissions Reduction Targets: A Primer

Clean Coal LOL ... but carbon capture and storage off Ninety Mile Beach is no laughing matter ‒ Catherine Hearse

The Federal Coalition's climate failure: An overview ‒ Leigh Ewbank

The love and loss of Granite Mountain forest ‒ Darcy M. Hesse

VicForests facing charges of illegal rainforest logging

Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel #2 ‒ Daniel Bowen

War is Peace! Good guys with guns ‒ Robin Taubenfeld

Uranium industry slumps, nuclear power dead in the water

Australian nuclear battles, and victoriesUranium industry slumps, nuclear power dead in the water ‒ Jim Green

My story of Students of Sustainability ‒ Cam Villani and Stephan Encisco

The ongoing Gippsland Lakes debacle ‒ Anthony Amis

Cassowaries in the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland ‒ Ingrid Marker


Retrosuburbia: the downshifters guide to a resilient future

Janesville, Wisconsin ‒ rebuilding after the closure of General Motors

Catching Thunder: The Sea Shepherd's hunt for illegal fishers

The Interdependent Organization – The Path to a More Sustainable Enterprise

Ecofeminism as Politics: Nature, Marx and the Postmodern

Women and Power: A Manifesto


Chain Reaction Issue #131 ‒ December 2017

To read or download PDF click here.

Friends of the Earth Australia news

Climate Migration

Climate migration: No dignity in inaction ‒ Léa Vavasseur

How to respond justly to climate change displaced persons ‒ Claire van Herpen

Building a cross-party network to support the opening of Australia's borders to climate migrants from Pacific Islands ‒ Léa Vavasseur and Wendy Flannery

Climate & Energy

Utilities scramble to catch up with stunning fall in renewable energy costs ‒ Tim Buckley

Renewable energy targets – Comparing Victoria's laws with the ACT and California ‒ Luiza Riottot

Strathbogie Voices: ideas incubator and community energy pivot point ‒ Kate Auty

Renewable energy news

A year since the SA blackout, who's winning the high-wattage power play? ‒ Marc Hudson

The 'SA energy crisis' is a myth peddled by liars ‒ Ronald Brakels

Locals initiate climate solutions in Melbourne's inner north ‒ Claudia Gallois

My coal childhood ‒ lessons for Australia from Germany's mine pit lakes ‒ Anica Niepraschk

The Victorian coal policy: Heavy on the brown stuff, light on detail ‒ Catherine Hearse

Climate action in Victoria

From laggard to leader: Victoria's Renewable Energy Target now law ‒ Pat Simons

When will we ban new coal mines? ‒ Angela Merriam

Other Articles

The fight to protect Toolangi forest ‒ Emma Chessell

Supreme Court injunction halts logging of Kuark old growth forest

Civil society rejects GMOs at Food and Agriculture Organization meeting ‒ Louise Sales

Government proposes deregulating dangerous new genetic modification techniques

Nano foods: There's no proof some of the tiny things you're eating are safe

Indigenous and Grassroots Movements Solidarity Gathering

Rivers of north Australia under siege ‒ Henry Boer

Land clearing in Queensland ‒ Henry Boer


Nobel Peace Prize winners amplify Aboriginal anti-nuclear stories ‒ Michele Madigan

ICAN's Nobel Peace Prize born in Australia ‒ Dave Sweeney

Australian uranium miner goes bust ‒ so who cleans up its mess in Africa? ‒ Morgan Somerville and Jim Green

James Hansen's Generation IV nuclear delusions ‒ Jim Green


Chain Reaction Issue #130 ‒ September 2017

To read or download PDF click here.


Permaculture and Activism ‒ David Holmgren

The Art of Frugal Hedonism ‒ Kirsten Bradley

Friends of the Earth Articles

Friends of the Earth Australia News

Friends of the Earth International News

The long campaign against the environment movement ‒ Cam Walker

Making history: El Salvador becomes first country to ban metal mining ‒ Sam Cossar-Gilbert and Riccardo Navarro

Put that bottle down now! Nanoparticles in infant formula products ‒ Louise Sales

FoE Melbourne's new forest campaign ‒ Ed Hill

FoE's Dirt Radio going strong in its sixth year ‒ John Langer

Pesticides and drinking water supplies ‒ Anthony Amis

Nuclear, Climate, Energy

Yami Lester

Aboriginal people do not want a nuclear waste dump in South Australia ‒ Karina Lester

Talisman Saber 2017 military exercises ‒ Robin Taubenfeld

Boys and their toys: the growing movement against nuclear nations ‒ Sue Wareham

Nuclear power's annus horribilis ‒ Jim Green

The case for a climate budget: It's time for Victoria to invest in climate action ‒ Leigh Ewbank

2016 another record year for renewables

What's behind the Finkel Review on energy security? ‒ Ben Courtice

What does Finkel mean for community power? ‒ Kim Shore

A climate solution that also lifts indigenous rights ‒ Douglas Fischer
Other Articles

Ten Years Too Long – Stop the Intervention

Around the world, environmental laws are under attack ‒ Bill Laurance

Environmental defenders being killed in record numbers globally, new research reveals ‒ Jonathan Watts and John Vidal

Fracking pipeline construction looms ‒ Jimmy Cocking

Radiation risks and fracking

Controversial copper mine on Bougainville hits roadblock


Witness to the Revolution: Radicals, Resisters, Vets, Hippies


Chain Reaction Issue #129 ‒ April 2017

To read or download PDF click here.

Climate & Energy

Why the National Electricity Market is a disaster, and how to fix it

The government is right to fund energy storage: a 100% renewable grid is within reach

South Australia makes a fresh power play in its bid to end the blackouts

Will the Victorian Liberal's anti-renewables stance cost it an election?

Nuclear & Uranium

The world faces a historic opportunity to ban nuclear weapons

Australia's snubs nuclear weapons talks

With Donald Trump in power, Australia urgently needs to re-evaluate its US bases

Undemocratic, racist nuclear waste legislation should be dumped

Uranium debate in Western Australia

Fukushima nuclear disaster and the violation of women's and children's human rights

Half of the world's nuclear power industry is in crisis

Other Articles

Militarism and environmentalism

Victoria's koala population needs protection

Evidence mounts that nano-titanium dioxide in food may be harmful

Food supply and the next generation of GM breeding

Fracking's frontier politics: The Northern Territory at an energy crossroads

Why won't Australia ratify an international deal to cut mercury pollution?

Deep sea mining plans for Papua New Guinea raise alarm

The troubling evolution of corporate greenwashing

Famine doesn't just 'happen' – and those who cause it must be held to account

A new deal with capitalism requires a revolution in politics and markets

Melbourne's air warfare convention: 'The ultimate family adventure'?


The Rise of Environmental Crime

Eight Conservationists Who Changed Our World

The Honest History Book

Prosperity Without Growth

Fixing Women

Why 'green-black' alliances are less simple than they seem

The Aboriginal People of Coastal Sydney

The story of protest in Australia
Rad Women Worldwide


Chain Reaction Issue #128 ‒ November 2016

To read or download PDF click here.

Victory! Victoria's Unconventional Gas Ban

Victory! Victoria's unconventional gas ban ‒ Chloe Aldenhoven and Cam Walker

A victory for rural Victorians ‒ Catherine Hearse

Six things that won the #VicGasBan ‒ Nicola Paris

Victorian Farmers Federation meetings more like a meeting of the Greens

Fuelling the fire: New coal technologies like UCG spell disaster for climate ‒ Cam Walker

Climate Change, Fossil Fuels and Renewables

Who will pay for the damage of the new mega-mines? ‒ John Glue

Fossil fuel divestment and the tertiary education sector ‒ Jack Bertolus

The future of Latrobe Valley: Community leadership on Just Transition ‒ Kate Wattchow

Stopping the boats in the time of climate change ‒ John Langer

Community Energy in Victoria: State of Play ‒ Em Gayfer

Power for the people ‒ Alastair Fleming

Attacks on renewables amid SA storm but the community isn't buying the spin ‒ Pat Simons

Other Articles

Seven ways the Trans Pacific Partnership threatens people and the planet ‒ Bill Waren

No need for technophilic solutions to climate change ‒ Jeremy Tager

The great corporate takeover of our food ‒ Louise Sales

Mine voids: big party, now for the hangover ‒ Michael West

Rise in plunder of Earth's natural resources ‒ Alex Kirby

Government must re-build trust of civil society – UN human rights expert

Mapuche and Aboriginal Struggles for Indigenous Land ‒ Marisol Salinas

Moonscaping: loss of vegetation in the suburbs ‒ Anne Tan

The wrong side of history: Australia and extended nuclear deterrence ‒ Dimity Hawkins with Julie Kimber

UN votes to negotiate nuclear weapons ban in 2017

Africa Down Under: Tales of Australian Woe on the 'Dark Continent' ‒ Dave Sweeney


Atomic Thunder: The Maralinga Story

The role of civil resistance in mass movements

Germany's renewable energy transition

Nuclear power's waste legacy

Jack Mundey, Green Bans hero

Bush Heritage Australia: Restoring Nature Step by Step

40 Years of the Racial Discrimination Act


Chain Reaction #127 ‒ August 2016

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Regular Items

FoE Australia News

FoE International News

Friends of the Earth Articles

The Green Pledge: A Rationale ‒ Nicole Schild and Andrew Self

Will the federal government revisit its attacks on environment groups? ‒ Cam Walker

Healthy Futures at the Health and Environmental Sustainability Conference

The boat people from paradise lost ‒ Lyn Bender

Who knows who pays the political piper? ‒ Daniel Gocher 


Sacrificing the Reef with militarism, mining, censorship and tokenism ‒ John Glue

Will militarism block the climate change movement? ‒ Margie Pestorius

Militarism and climate activism: staring down the threat of climate disaster ‒ Peter Burdon

Renewable energy

FoE's campaign for a Victorian Renewable Energy Target ‒ Leigh Ewbank

The renewable energy revolution


Manufacturing dissent: environmentalists and nuclear power in the USA ‒ Jim Green

Risks, ethics and consent: Australia shouldn't become the world's nuclear wasteland ‒ Mark Diesendorf

Australia's nuclear-powered PR in meltdown ‒ Dave Sweeney

Black Mist, White Rain ‒ Gem Romuld

Karlamalyi Walk in Western Australia

Environmental racism

Radioactive waste and the nuclear war on Australia's Aboriginal people ‒ Jim Green

SA Premier silent while Flinders Ranges threatened ‒ Regina McKenzie

Expanding the concept of environmental racism ‒ Larry Lohmann

Other articles

Multinational tax dodging costs billions

Transforming male supremacy in our everyday activism and lives ‒ Rodney Vlais

A comparison of responses to contamination of Australian Defence bases by the NSW and NT Environmental Protection Agencies ‒ James Courtney

Pacific societies call to save their seas

The fight for the environment and the fight for blue-collar jobs are one and the same ‒ Van Badham

The zillion year town ‒ Nick Sharp


The Invisible War, a graphic novel

Fukushima's Stolen Lives: A Dairy Farmer's Story 

Pitched Battle: in the frontline of the 1971 Springbok tour of Australia

Moving Beyond Capitalism

Towards a steady state economy

The Great Multinational Tax Rort
Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right

South Pole: Nature and Culture


Chain Reaction #126 – April 2016

To read or download PDF click here or to read online use the links below.

Regular Items

FoE Australia News

FoE International News

Climate Campaigning After the UN COP-21 Climate Conference

The UN COP-21 Paris Climate Agreement: A huge step forward? ‒ Chloe Aldenhoven

Hopes and dreams for a fragile homeland ‒ Rose Elu

On the theft of power ‒ Kat Moore

International climate solidarity is more than plane fares and conferences ‒ Nic Maclellan

Creative self-destruction and the climate ‒ Clive Hamilton

We can achieve sustainability – but not without limiting growth ‒ Mark Diesendorf


Chernobyl's health impacts

Royal Commission recommends international high-level nuclear waste dump for South Australia

Aboriginal people seek support in nuclear waste dump battle

Nuclear waste nightmares: USA, Germany, France

COP that: nuclear lobbyists on the offensive ‒ Jim Green

Fukushima Fallout: Updates from Japan ‒ Jim Green

Who wants to keep Aussies in the dark about food irradiation? ‒ Robin Taubenfeld

Australia's nuclear weapons hypocrisy ‒ Tim Wright

Other Articles

The world's forests will collapse if we don't learn to say 'no' ‒ Bill Laurance

Political parties urged to halt the erosion of Australia's democracy: new report

The latest from the Leard State Forest ‒ Phil Evans

Earthworker Cooperative installing solar hot water systems on community housing

Friends of the Earth Articles

From 'good girl' to serial felon: The radicalising of Friends of the Earth veteran June Norman ‒ Liz Conor

Climate change and drinking water ‒ Anthony Amis

A prescription for a healthier planet ‒ Tatiana Hitchen

Energy revolution ‒ FoE International report

Hunt turns Red Gum Parks into firewood ‒ Morgana Russell

FSANZ deregulates GMOs by stealth ‒ Louise Sales

Community Organising in the Oil Conflict Zone: Friends of the Earth Uganda 'Sustainability School' Advocacy Initiative ‒ Peter Westoby and Kristen Lyons

Tasmanian bushfires a climate wake up call ‒ Cam Walker


How the food system drives climate change

Civil resistance in West Papua


Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change


Chain Reaction #125 ‒ November 2015

To read or download PDF click here or to read online use the links below.

Regular items

FoE Australia News

FoE International News

Challenging the privatised university

Emerging tech and challenging the privatised uni − Jeremy Tager

The universities we need − Raewyn Connell

What's wrong with privatising universities? − Jeannie Rea

A focus on private investment means universities can't fulfil their public role − Margaret Thornton

How corporate investment corrodes the public research environment − Jack Heinemann

Why do universities still invest in fossil fuels? − Carol Richards

A shift towards industry-relevant degrees isn't helping students get jobs − Kristen Lyons and Richard Hill

Nuclear, climate, energy

Nuclear power's long farewell?

Should Australia become the world's nuclear waste dump − Jim Green

Summing the health effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster − Dr Ian Fairlie

Shenhua Watermark Coal – the fight for the Liverpool Plains continues − Aidan Kempster and Phil Evans

The fantasy of cheap, safe nuclear energy − Mark Diesendorf

The renewable energy revolution

Renewables can do 100%, but when will Australia see it done? − Alastair Leith

Eight things Malcolm Turnbull should do on climate, renewables − Giles Parkinson

Geoengineering: Striking targets or missing the point? − Ben Courtice

Poison or poverty? Glencore's blackmail of Borroloola − Lauren Mellor

Friends of the Earth articles

Greening the Internet − Felicity Ruby

The Great Artesian Basin, Great Barrier Reef, Gulf of Carpentaria and inland Australia at risk − John Glue

A spoonful of sugar is not enough to help the TPP go down − Sam Castro and Kat Moore

Minmetals and the lead poisoning of Rosebery Tasmania − Anthony Amis

Inside Friends Of The Earth's Yes 2 Renewables Campaign − Lisa de Kleyn

FoE's campaign to stop whaling 1976-78 − Bro Sheffield-Brotherton

Black Hole documentary review − Phil Evans


Chain Reaction #124 ‒ September 2015

To read or download PDF click here or to read online use the links below.

Friends of the Earth, Australia News

Government attacks on environmental groups

Threats against environment groups, threats against democracy − Ben Courtice

Australia needs politically active environmental groups − Susan Laurance and Bill Laurance

Silence on the agenda for enviro-charity inquiry − Andrew Leigh


Australian pesticides map takes shape − Anthony Amis

Some reflections on Friends of the Earth: 1974−76 − Neil Barrett

River Country Campaign − Morgana Russell

The Trans Pacific Partnership − Kieran Jairath, Michael Johnstone and Kat Moore

Occupied Palestine: The soldiers in the night ... and throughout every day − Jessica Morrison

The flaw in the new White Paper for developing northern Australia − John Glue

Vedanta in Tasmania: Not the corporate miner we want − Isla MacGregor

Semantically engineered crops − Louise Sales

Climate, energy, nuclear

Green Climate Fund: Course correction needed? − Karen Orenstein and Brandon Wu

The Catholic church confronts capitalism and technology − Jeremy Tager

Four easy ways to grow renewable energy in Victoria − Leigh Ewbank

Coal closures give SA the chance to go 100% renewable − Mark Diesendorf

Solar: the new normal for a sunny country − Claire O'Rourke

South Australia: The nuclear state? − Robyn Wood

Our heart jiggled with joy: Celebrating one year since historic nuclear dump decision

Can Australia learn from international experience in managing radioactive waste? − Anica Niepraschk

Radioactive Exposure Tour: Red dirt, porridge and the nuclear industry − Gem Romuld

Radioactive Racism in the Wild West − Mia Pepper

Rehabilitating Mirarr land: Uranium mining to end at Ranger? − Lauren Mellor


− Seed Sovereignty, Food Security: Women in the Vanguard

− Nonviolence unbound

− Big World, Small Planet: Abundance Within Planetary Boundaries

− How Australians were persuaded to ignore risk of climate change

− The race to feed a crowded world


Chain Reaction #123 ‒ April 2015

To read or download PDF click here or to read online use the links below.

Friends of the Earth Australia: 40 years young

A short history of Friends of the Earth Australia

Saving the river red gums: An historic conservation victory − Will Mooney

FoE exposes uranium cartel in 1976 − Wieslaw Lichacz

Opposing uranium mining in Brisbane, 1976−78 − Jessica Harrison

FoE Melbourne Food Coop and Café

Bike rides against uranium mining − Peter Hayes

Other Articles

Australians leading the charge for a nuclear weapons-free world

The Bat Attack: Where Hundreds Made History − Helen War

Big energy hates renewable energy − Ben Courtice

Queensland's opportunity to address significant environmental threats − Andrew Picone

Reflections on G20 − Robin Taubenfeld

Dayak people of Indonesian Borneo taking on BHP Billiton − Jennifer Natoli

Indigenous Protected Areas under threat − Morgana Russell

US National Academy of Sciences backs untested geoengineering technologies − Jeremy Tager

Government's deregulatory extremism puts public at risk − Jeremy Tager

Register suggests widespread unregulated use of nanomaterials in agriculture in Australia − Louise Sales

Tasmanian government axes pesticide monitoring in waterways − Anthony Amis

The Darker Side of Green − Kristen Lyons and Peter Westoby

Royal Commission should examine SA's shameful nuclear legacy − Jim Green


White Australia's burning issue − what's wrong with Bill Gammage's book − Ben Courtice and Emma Murphy

Short reviews: Reg Saunders: An Indigenous War Hero / Radical Newcastle / The Rise and Fall of Gunns Ltd


Chain Reaction #122 – November 2014

To read or download PDF click here or to read online use the links below.

FoE Australia News

FoE International News


Attacks on NGOs are a threat to our democracy − Joan Staples

Malaysia: eco-activists combat judicial repression − Meena Raman

Nanomaterials in food packaging: FSANZ fails consumers again − Jeremy Tager

Throwing precaution to the wind: the government's attempts to thwart the regulation of synthetic biology − Louise Sales

Working for water justice in the Murray-Darling Basin − Will Mooney

Vale Eileen Wani Wingfield, 1920-2014

Uranium sales to India

Small-is-beautiful nuclear rhetoric fading fast − Jim Green

Historical pesticide monitoring of Victorian waterways: A jigsaw with many missing pieces − Anthony Amis

Maules Creek mine: front-line action on coal − Phil Evans

The search for oil and gas continues − but at what cost? − Margaret Thiselton

If irradiated food is glowingly good – why not label it? − Robin Taubenfeld

Yes 2 Renewables / Farmlands Not Gaslands

Island Voices, Global Choices − Wendy Flannery

Why renewable energy matters − Jenny Riesz

Renewable energy is ready to supply all of Australia's electricity − Mark Diesendorf

It's time for Australia's next light-bulb moment − Richard Keech

Reviews (all in this one webpage)

Art in Nature − David Rennie

Ngarrindjeri Wurruwarrin − Dianne Bell

Let the Land Speak − Jackie French

The Green Leaf − Mariette Perrinjacquet-Spertini

Earth Jurisprudence: Private Property and the Environment − Peter Burdon

Poisoned Planet − Julian Cribb

The Coral Battleground − Judith Wright

Banning landmines one step at a time − Jane Jolly and Sally Heinrich

Album Review: The Yearlings, 'All the Wandering'

Fukushima books

Maralinga: a chilling exposé


Chain Reaction #121 – July 2014

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FoE Australia News


Editorial: emerging technologies and corporate control − Jeremy Tager and Louise Sales

Late lessons from early warnings: Is it impossible to learn from history? − Steffen Foss Hansen

The new Sorcerer's Apprentices? − Clive Hamilton

The brave new world of synbio − Jim Thomas

Corporate corruption of science and its effects on workers and the environment − David S. Egilman and Susanna Rankin Bohme


Done deals and revolving doors: the story of GM in Australia − Katherine Wilson

'Partner or Perish'? The convergence of public and private interests pose new questions for controversial university research − Kristen Lyons

Critical scholarship in a hostile climate: academics and the public − Steve Tombs and David Whyte

Corporate influence over nanotechnology regulation − Louise Sales

Corporate efforts to impede renewable energy − Mark Diesendorf

Geopiracy: Patent law, climate change, and geoengineering − Matthew Rimmer

Regulatory failure or institutional corruption? The case of Food Standards Australia New Zealand and the 'regulation' of nanomaterials in food − Jeremy Tager

Public engagement and the National Enabling Technologies Strategy − Georgia Miller

The use of techno-utopian narratives to further corporate control − Jeremy Tager


Chain Reaction #120 – March 2014

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Friends of the Earth Campaigns

FoE Australia News

FoE International News

Friends of the Earth at the G20: a grassroots human response

Koalas and Blue Gum Plantations − Anthony Amis

High ecological value State Forests to be logged in Queensland − FoE Kuranda

Watershed on Indigenous rights needed in Victoria − Will Mooney

Research on nanomaterials is lagging behind commercial developments − Jeremy Tager

What's the story with nanoparticles in sunscreen? − Louise Sales

Digging into EIA − Failures in impact assessments − Jeremy Tager

Climate, Fossil Fuels, Renewables

Connecting with Torres Strait Islander communities on climate change − Wendy Flannery

Climate change displacement and the need for pre-emptive, managed migration − Claire van Herpen

Seaspray residents vow to do whatever it takes to protect land − Phil Evans and Noah Beecher Kelk

The lies about renewable energy's cost − Ben Courtice

Electricity privatisation − a record of failure

Abbott government's wind energy health review unnecessary − Leigh Ewbank

Climate change: the situation is hopeless – let's take the next step − Peter Burdon

Other Articles

Great Artesian Basin and Painted Desert under threat from Altona's proposed Arckaringa Coal Mine − David Noonan

The struggle for the Leard State Forest − Nicola Paris

Legal personality for Great Barrier Reef − EDO Northern Qld

Nuclear Power, Nuclear Weapons, Uranium

Australian yellowcake fuels Ukrainian fires − Dave Sweeney

The People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy in India − Gem Romuld

Fukushima apologies and apologists − Jim Green

Queensland campaign against uranium mining − Adam Sharah

The nuclear renaissance that never was − Jim Green

The humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons − Gem Romuld


Chain Reaction #119 ‒ November 2013

To read or download PDF click here or to read online use the links below.


Election aftermath: Full speed in reverse (Cam Walker)

FoE Australia News

Looking for Matakupay – The Platypus Project (Patrick Simmons)

Reefwalk 2013 (June Norman)

Boycott reforms target environmentalists (Julian Brezniak and Lewis d'Avigdor)

Energy freedom on or off the grid? (Ben Courtice)

ACCC fails to tackle misleading conduct in sunscreen industry (Louise Sales)

Wandoan coal project scrapped (John Hepburn)

Dim future for coal, report finds

Forest Stewardship Council fails rainforest protection in Victoria (Anthony Amis)

Carbon markets and the failed promise of new green gold: plantation forestry in Uganda (Kristen Lyons and Peter Westoby)

The fight for WA's forests: 40 years on and still going (Beth Schultz)

Knit Your Revolt

International Women's Earth and Climate Initiative Summit (Claire van Herpen)

Farewell speech by Ursula Rakova from Tulele Peisa

Feature: Uranium, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Weapons

Fukushima and nuclear conspiracy theories (Jim Green)

Is Fukushima the new normal for nuclear reactors? (Benjamin Sovacool)

Harassment of anti-nuclear citizens in Japan

Fukushima under control? (Jim Green)

Fukushima and the death of science journalism in Australia (Noel Wauchope)

Uranium mining and export not a piece of yellowcake (Dave Sweeney)

World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013

Uranium price slumps, Paladin Energy in trouble

South Korea: Nuclear scandal widens

China cancels nuclear fuel centre following protests

Taiwanese nuclear politics heats up

Uranium Mining in Niger

Dig for secrets: the lesson of Maralinga's Vixen B (Liz Tynan)

Abbott's Indigenous Council: Undermining Aboriginal interests? (Kado Muir, Mitch, and Peter Watts)

Australia's Nuclear Shame, Part I: Undermining the South Pacific Nuclear Weapons Free Zone

Australia's Nuclear Shame, Part II: Undermining the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (Dave Sweeney)

Australia's Nuclear Shame, Part III: Undermining nuclear disarmament diplomacy


Understanding the Science of Climate Change

Global Warming, Militarism and Nonviolence


Chain Reaction #118 – August 2013

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Friends of the Earth Campaigns

FoE Australia News

FoE International News

Irradiated food coming to a supermarket near you − Robin Taubenfeld

Radioactive Exposure Tour a big success − Gem Romuld and Jim Green

Plantations and Forest Stewardship Council audits − Anthony Amis

Quitting coal in Gippsland − Livia Cullen

Concerned residents 'shocked' by state of gas wells − Ursula Alquier

Coal trains in suburban Brisbane

Nanomaterials in the environment: an unknown risk − Louise Sales

Rudd's plans to float carbon price a sham − Beck Pearse and Julia Dehm

Climate & Energy

Think again, minister, on uranium deal with Emirates − Dave Sweeney

Green light for King Island wind farm feasibility study − Leigh Ewbank

The tale of two rallies: Canberra demonstrates strong support for wind energy − Odile Gotts and Leigh Ewbank

Zero emissions power is possible, and we know what it will cost − Roger Dargaville

100% renewables for Australia – not so costly after all − Giles Parkinson

Baseload power is a myth: even intermittent renewables will work − Mark Diesendorf

Nuclear doom, renewables boom

The economics of the uranium export industry − Jim Green

James Price Point − Victory!

James Price Point / Walmadan: A huge win − Nicola Paris

Reflections on winning from Camp Walmadan

James Price Point victory − Martin Pritchard

Other Articles

Algal blooms and toxins in Oceania − Mark Skinner

Talisman Saber 2013 − bringing war to our door − Robin Taubenfeld

In the name of sustainability: Deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia − Tully McIntyre


The Amazing Gift of Water for a Thirsty World

Mullahs Without Mercy: Human Rights and Nuclear Weapons

Character before knowledge: a history of the atomic scientists

Album Review: Roger Knox and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts


Chain Reaction #117 – April 2013

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Regular Items

FoE Australia News

FoE International News

Earth News

FoE Campaigns and Affiliates

Market Forces

River Red Gums face new threat

Baillieu's resignation opens door for wind policy shift

Organic Food Improving Health Services in Uganda


Save the silver for where it's needed

Testing reveals potentially dangerous free radical producing ingredients in sunscreen and cosmetics

Sunscreens exposed: stripping away the gloss


'Green Tape' Propaganda

Gillard's 'green tape' propaganda

WA uranium debate undermines 'green tape' propaganda

Climate & Energy

Campaigning to stop the fourth coal terminal in Newcastle

Australia's electricity market: making the polluters profitable

The dirty business of coal in NSW

Poowong says no to coal and gas

Campbell Newman's uranium backflip in Queensland

Nuclear power: looking back, looking forward 

Spinning Fukushima

Other Articles

Deep Sea Mining − The Pacific Experiment

Campaign for an Iraq War Inquiry

Indigenous communities, conservation and the resource boom


Nguly Gu Yadoo Mai (Our Good Food)

Aboriginal Disempowerment in the Northern Territory / People on Country − Vital Landscapes − Indigenous Futures

Climate Politics and the Climate Movement in Australia

2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years

Other short reviews − Food Shock: The truth about what we put on our plates ... and what we can do to change it − The Coming Famine: The global food crisis and what we can do to avoid it − Our Dying Planet: An Ecologist's View − Green Australia: A Snapshot − The Lace Makers of Narsapur − Voices from the Global Fight for Women's Rights − Big Picture Parenting for a Changing World − Beyond Resource, Land and Food Wars − Bio-Dynamics in the Backyard


Chain Reaction #116 – November 2012

To read or download PDF click here or to read online use the links below.

Regular Items

FoE Australia News

FoE International News


Mrs Crombie and Mrs Brown

Frank Fisher

Nanotech Scandal

Nanotech sunscreen scandal update ‒ Louise Sales

Australia's nanotechnology public engagement ineffective and biased ‒ Kristen Lyons and James Whelan

Shapeshifting stories and singing sock-puppets: inside the Government's sunscreen nano-wars ‒ Katherine Wilson

Climate & Energy

Anti-wind farm laws are bad politics for Vic Premier ‒ Leigh Ewbank

Small island communities, climate change and human rights ‒ Wendy Flannery

Nuclear South Wales? Premier's atomic ambitions face fierce opposition ‒ Natalie Wasley

Uranium's long and shameful journey ‒ Dave Sweeney

The scarcely-believable story of General Atomics / Heathgate Resources ‒ Jim Green

Mapping Australia's nuclear sites

Comparing nuclear risks in Japan and Australia ‒ Jim Green

Olympic Dam and the Lizard's Revenge

Uranium sales and India's nuclear arms race

Other Articles

Swan Island Peace Convergence ‒ Simon Moyle

New FoE campaign to protect environmental laws ‒ Lauren Caulfield

Australian Nuclear Free Alliance

Australia's Corporate Food Plan ‒ Michael Croft and Nick Rose

James Price Point gas hub controversy ‒ Róisin Mortimer

Seeing REDD in Kalimantan ‒ Ellen Roberts

Reverse Garbage Co-op, Brisbane

Chlorine contamination of drinking water ‒ Anthony Amis



Patricia Clarke: Keep the Fires Burning

Tomorrow's Children − uncovering a cancer cluster in Tasmania

How coal is killing Australia

The fallout from Fukushima


Chain Reaction #115 – August 2012

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Regular Items

FoE Australia News

FoE International News

Earth News

Coal, Gas, Coal Seam Gas

Coal, gas and coal seam gas ‒ Cam Walker

Lock the Gate unites cockies, blockies, croppers and greenies ‒ Drew Hutton

Coal, CSG and Victoria's green politics battleground ‒ Cam Walker

The power of locking your gate ‒ Aidan Ricketts

James Price Point LNG controversy ‒ Lily Rudolph

Nuclear, Solar, Wind

Uranium flashpoint in WA ‒ Jim Green

Toro Energy promotes dangerous radiation junk science

Anti-uranium Walk for Country in WA

The humanitarian imperative to ban nuclear weapons ‒ Tim Wright

Muckaty Traditional Owners fighting Ferguson's dump ‒ Molly Wishart

Maralinga − 60 years on ‒ Jessie Boylan

The ugly face of Australia's nuclear racism ‒ Jim Green

Nuclear power, warfare and global famine ‒ Jim Green

Wind turbines power mass hysteria ‒ Simon Chapman

SA electricity generation: Good news, and better to come ‒ Ben Courtice


Slip, slop, slap: exposing the great sunscreen cover-up ‒ Gregory Crocetti

Exposure to nanoparticles can have serious health impacts ‒ Louise Sales

Nano arms race

Other Articles

Basin plan delivers a raw deal ‒ Jonathan La Nauze

Women, food sovereignty and 'green jobs' in China ‒ Ariel Salleh

A new avenue of thought in Perth ‒ Teri Saki


From the Vault − The Celibate Rifles ‒ Review by Anthony Amis

What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know about Capitalism ‒ Review by Ben Courtice


Chain Reaction #114 – April 2012

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Regular Items

FoE Australia News

FoE International News

Murray-Darling and River Red Gums

Can we save the Murray-Darling Basin? ‒ Jonathan La Nauze

Climate change and the Murray-Darling Plan ‒ Jamie Pittock

River Red Gum vegetation survey project Aaron Eulenstein

Mic Check: Occupy Chain Reaction

Occupy Texas ‒ Robin Taubenfeld

Occupy Mum at Occupy Sydney ‒ Bern Ellis

Occupy Brisbane ‒ Kathy Newnam

Nuclear Power & Fukushima

Fighting Ferguson's Dump ‒ Natalie Wasley

Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World ‒ Cat Beaton and Peter Watts

Australia's role in the Fukushima disaster ‒ Jim Green

Who is to blame for the Fukushima nuclear disaster?

Food irradiation push faces court challenge ‒ Robin Taubenfeld

Let the Facts Speak: an indictment of the nuclear industry

How low can Australia's uranium export policy go? ‒ Jim Green

Other Articles

Synthetic biology: playing Lego with life ‒ Gregory Crocetti and Bob Phelps

It is the coal barons, not activists, who threaten society ‒ Shaun Murray

A smart grid and seven energy sources ‒ Giles Parkinson

A peak at Australia's energy potential ‒ Mark Diesendorf

Rare earth project sparks huge campaign in Malaysia ‒ Lee Tan

Art to expose Agent Orange disaster ‒ John Percy


Dirty Money – the true cost of Australia's mineral boom

Psychology for a Better World


Chain Reaction #113 ‒ December 2011 ‒ Technology, Democracy, Equity

To read or download PDF click here.

Editorial: Technology, Democracy, Equity ‒ Elena McMaster

Luddites and the politics of technology ‒ David King

Synthetic biology and the future bio-economy ‒ Eric Hoffman

A Trojan Hose for climate geoengineering ‒ Diana Bronson

GMOs and the politics of food in Africa ‒ Anne Maina

Confusion, coercion and collusion: why we are eating GM food. ‒ Frances Murrell

Nano-silver immune to government regulation ‒ Gregory Crocetti

Anarchism and the Politics of Technology ‒ Uri Gordon

Earthworker Cooperative: green jobs for Australia ‒ Dave Kerin

What's holding renewables back? ‒ Ben Courtice

The case for direct action against fossil fuel expansion ‒ Shaun Murray

Ecofeminism and Fukushima: Life Before Profit ‒ Ariel Salleh

Proliferation-resistant nuclear power and other fairytales ‒ Jim Green

Other Articles

The Prime Minister's U-turn ‒ Jim Green

Martin Ferguson takes a dump on democracy ‒ Molly Wishart

The bunyip bird and the Murray-Darling Basin ‒ Carmel Flint

Robin Hood tax reform ‒ Stephanie Long

Australia Palestine Advocacy Network ‒ Jessica Morrison

No Harvey No! Direct action to protect forests

The Sharehood: sharing is as easy as crossing the street ‒ Liz Shield           

Review: The Converging World

Review: Small-scale Energy Solutions


Chain Reaction #112 ‒ July 2011

To read or download PDF click here.

FoE Australia News

Australia wimps out on renewables ‒ By Molly Wishart

The Base-Load Myth ‒ By Mark Diesendorf

Pricing carbon in rural Australia ‒ By Rebecca Pearse and James Hitchcock

What's really pushing up the price of power? By Hugh Outhred

A clean break for Australia's future ‒ By Fiona Armstrong and Laura Eadie

Proposed gas refinery on the Kimberley coast ‒ By Martin Pritchard


Do we know the Chernobyl death toll? ‒ By Peter Karamoskos and Jim Green

Radioactive Exposure Tour ‒ By Madeline Hudson

WA 'Walk Away from Uranium Mining' ‒ By Marcus Atkinson

Fukushima: the political fallout in Australia [nuclear] ‒ By Jim Green

The Future Fund's nuclear weapons investments ‒ By Tim Wright


Australian teachers reject nano-sunscreens ‒ By Elena McMaster

Nanotechnology campaign update

Nanotechnology and the commodification of everything ‒ By Elena McMaster

Other articles

Why Gunns is teetering in Tassie ‒ By John Lawrence

Ye Cods, the Murray-Darling Basin Plan swirls and ... sinks? ‒ By Carmel Flint

Friends of Tulele Peisa ‒ By Wendy Flannery

Ten reasons to oppose US war games in Australia ‒ By Kim Stewart

Slaughterhouse live: our bloody cattle exports ‒ By Geoff Russell

Direct action for social change ‒ By Kim Stewart

Pindone rabbit baiting − cruel and careless ‒ By Sharon Beder and Richard Gosden


Radical Homemakers

Smart Gardening

50 Years Photographing Australia


Chain Reaction #111 ‒ March 2011 ‒ Contesting the Climate

To read or download PDF click here.

Earth News, FoE International News, FoE Australia News

Editorial ‒ Climate policy, climate movement ‒ By Rebecca Pearse

The climate movement − ideas for renewal ‒ By Holly Creenaune

Australia's precious place in the coal industry's world ‒ By Guy Pearse

Frontline communities fighting coal seam gas in Queensland ‒ By Drew Hutton

The global tactics of King Coal ‒ By Falk Hermenau and Eleanor Smith

Pricing carbon: theory, practice, politics ‒ By Rebecca Pearse

Fraud and scams in the EU Emissions Trading System ‒ By Tamra Gilbertson

Framing the borders: the rhetoric of a sustainable population ‒ By Joseph Jennings and the FoE Sydney Collective

Chaos at the Cancun climate conference ‒ By Anne Petermann

Indonesian activists speak out against Australia's forest carbon offset schemes [climate] ‒ By Julia Dehm

Climate fallacies ‒ By Ali Tonak

What does it mean to take direct action for climate? ‒ By Ariel Salleh

In search of Utopia ‒ By Isabelle Fremeaux and John Jordan

'The Transition: Getting to a Sustainable and Just World' ‒ By Ted Trainer

'Sequestered' ‒ By Max Overton and Jim Darley


Chain Reaction #110 ‒ November 2010

To read or download PDF click here.

Earth News, FoE Australia News, FoE International News

Uranium industry's record raises doubts ‒ By Mia Pepper

Nuclear Freeways

Zero Carbon Australia 2020 – 100% renewable energy for Australia ‒ By Pablo Brait and John Fisher

How can we get 100% renewable energy? ‒ By Chris Breen

Coal and gas protest in Brisbane ‒ By Shani Tager, Robert Price and Daniel Sharp

Victorian Climate Bill a good start to cutting emissions ‒ By Cam Walker

Climate policy: from carbon tax to direct action? ‒ By James Goodman and Stuart Rosewarne

Floodwaters replenish the Murray – but for how long? ‒ By Jonathan La Nauze

Nanotech in sunscreens and cosmetics ‒ By Elena McMaster

New report on nanotech's climate implications ‒ By Georgia Miller and Ian Illuminato

Australian workers flying blind on nano risks ‒ By Georgia Miller

The Southern Cassowary − an iconic species that needs our help ‒ By Anneke de Graaf   

Heavy metal contamination in a Tasmanian mining town ‒ By Toxic Heavy Metals Taskforce Tasmania

The Lomborg Deception ‒ Review by Ellen Roberts

No Nukes News

South Melbourne Commons ‒ By Meg Ivory

The case against more war memorials


Engaging the community with corporate greenwash ‒ Review by Sharon Beder

Who Bombed Judi Bari? ‒ Album review by Anthony Amis


Chain Reaction #109 ‒ July 2010

To read or download PDF click here.

The Future of Food:

Nanotechnology in food

100 Mile Diet

CSIRO's Total Wellbeing Diet a Lemon

Weeds, ecology and health

An agrarian perspective on land use

Community gardening and food security

Food sovereignty in Venezuela

Magic Harvest program

Also in this edition:

Ferguson's nuclear dump challenged in court          

A stunning victory − NSW parks fill the red gum conservation gap

Traditional Owners and the Australian Alps

Australia's backing for geo-engineering cops international criticism

A stifling climate: targeting social movements and policing protests

The Transition Decade: Reshaping Australia's Climate Politics

World People's Conference on Climate Change in Bolivia

Learn Peace − students playing a role in nuclear disarmament


Chain Reaction #108 ‒ March 2010

To read or download PDF click here.

Water Feature:

One last chance to save the Murray-Darling Basin

Greenwashing desalination

Competing visions for Australia's tropical rivers

Population and water

Climate refugees in Australia?

Making Melbourne a water-sensitive city

Water privatisation

Uranium miners turning water into liquid waste

Climate change and water

Black Saturday and Melbourne's water supply catchments.

The Watermark Australia project

Victoria's Bass Coast desalination plant & North South pipeline

Witch's Brew: contaminants in sewage and waterways

Paladin to set uranium 'standard' in Malawi
Celebrity scientists and nuclear power


Chain Reaction #107 ‒ November 2009

To read or download PDF click here.

A Climate for Change

Heading for Copenhagen

Switch off Hazelwood

Climate campaigning in 2010

The new climate wedge: farmers vs coal mining

A new politics of moral protest?

History of the Alcoa aluminium smelter in Portland

Forest carbon trading in Indonesia's forests

Also in this issue:

Resisting US-Australian war 'games'

Peter Garrett's U Sky Mining

Nanoparticle exposure related to deaths

NSW red gum assessment kicks off

Exposing Forestry Tasmania's false claims

Book, DVD and album reviews


Chain Reaction #106 August 2009

To read or download PDF click here.

Is there a technofix for climate change?
Climate Geoengineering: Pie in the Sky?
Nuclear Weapons and 'Fourth Generation' Nuclear Power
Also in this issue:
Cosmetics and Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology risks a repeat of the asbestos tragedy
Nanotechnology and silver: germ killers a threat to public health
Radioactive Exposure Tour
Uranium Mining − Indigenous Voices Speak out
NT nuclear waste dump campaign growing stronger
Climate Plan B
Climate Emergency and the War Analogy
Feed-in tariffs: the best path to zero emissions energy?
Woodchip Exports Stopped as Rudd Neglects Forests
Earth Jurisprudence
Mukwano − Supporting Organic Farming Communities in Uganda


Chain Reaction #105 ‒ April 2009

To read or download PDF click here.

Forest Feature

Victorian red gum forests – an historic victory

The Murray Country Project

New alliance of forest groups

Pesticides and Tasmanian forestry

Gunns targets Triabunna 13

CSIRO expert slams Gunn's pulp mill

Councils across Melbourne oppose catchment logging

Forest Stewardship Council

The forgotten forests of NSW

Also in this issue:

Australia's Climate Action Summit

Nanotechnology and safe sunscreens

US-Australia war games


Chain Reaction #104 December 2008

To read or download PDF click here.

The Californian experience: lessons for Australia on climate action

Will capitalism survive climate change?

Carbon offsets: offsetting democracy

'Low-life ferals' stop Adelaide arms bazaar

Jillian Marsh, Nuclear-Free Future Award recipient

Strzelecki forest sell out

Creaking native title system unable to deliver justice

Native title and the clash of civilisations

Nanotechnology – don't believe the green hype

Food sovereignty and the global food crisis


Chain Reaction #103 ‒ September 2008

To read or download PDF click here.

Mining Feature

At the rock face ‒ Roger Moody

A just transition to a renewable energy economy ‒ Geoff Evans

Australia's resource curse – social divison, political capture and ecological crisis ‒ James Goodman'Sustainable mining' – limits to growth? ‒ Gavin Mudd

A sustainable, closed-loop minerals industry ‒ Geoff Evans

Tar Sands and the American Automobile ‒ Yves Engler and Bianca Mugyenyi

Undermining Human Rights: The Australian Mining Industry Overseas ‒ Christina Hill

Australia's Oceana Gold facing deep opposition at Didipio, Philippines ‒ Peter Murphy

The Struggle to Save the McArthur River ‒ Edwina Howell

Alcoa: Expansion in a time of climate crisis ‒ Lauren Caulfield

Mined Your Own Waste ‒ Helen Rosenbaum

Trial uranium mining in South Australia ‒ Peter Burdon and Alys Stevens

Iluka pressing ahead with zircon mine in SA ‒ Cat Beaton

Victorian government approves dirty 'clean coal' plant ‒ Louise Morris

Other Articles

Tasmania's Wilderness Battles ‒ Greg Buckman

Tasmania's forests ‒ Still Wild, Still Threatened ‒ Aidan Hicks


Chain Reaction #102 ‒ April 2008

To read or download PDF click here.

The Apology

Pip Starr

Regular Items

Friends of the Earth Australia News

Earth News

Food Feature

Biofuels or biofools? ‒ Almuth Ernsting

If Meat is Murder, What's Vegetarianism? ‒ Raj Patel

Nanotechnology and food

Garden variety arithmetic ‒ Adam Grubb

The Conscious Cookbook ‒ Giselle Wilkinson

Water intensity of food – the next stage in eco-labeling? ‒ Cam Walker

Rewilding Food Systems ‒ Urban Scout

GE food sold with PR-101 rhetoric ‒ Benedict Coyne           

Other Articles

West Mallee Protection ‒ Cat Beaton

Climate Justice ‒ a matter of survival ‒ Emma Brindal

Burning Coal at Three Minutes to Midnight ‒ Louise Morris

Myths, Fallacies and 'Spin' About Greenhouse Solutions ‒ Mark Diesendorf

Victoria's proposed desalination plant ‒ Chris Heislers

Book Reviews

The 3rd Degree, Frontline in Australia's climate war by Murray Hogarth

The Forest Wars by Judith Ajani


Chain Reaction #101 December 2007

To read or download PDF click here.

Regular Sections

Earth News

FoE Australia News

FoE International News

Feature on Counter-Terrorism

Editorial – The Politics of Counter-Terrorism ‒ Anthony Kelly and James Whelan

National Security and Counter-Terrorism ‒ Andrew Lynch and George Williams

Maps, Snaps, Taps and SIM cards: Tools of an accidental terrorist ‒ Agnes Chong

Collateral Damage: Freedom of expression in the 'War on Terror' ‒ Marika Dias

Dr Mohamed Haneef: Observations ‒ Stephen Keim

Waiting for a trial ‒ Gerard Morel

Dangerous words ‒ Nina Philadelphoff-Puren

Closing the chasm. The case for an Australian Human Rights Act ‒ Spencer Zifcak

The Importance of Special Procedures of the UN Human Rights Council in the 'War on Terror' ‒ Philip Lynch

Deported activist's case a test for natural justice ‒ Iain Murray

Turning back the terrorism tag: organising against APEC ‒ Holly Creenaune

Safeguarding your group ‒ Brian Martin

Defending Our Rights: Resources and Organisations in Australia

Other Articles

Burke's Backyard: the new face of greenwashing in Australia ‒ Lauren Caulfield

Aboriginal-owned National Parks around the corner ‒ Jonathan La Nauze

Greening of the world's ports and shipping fleet ‒ Teri Shore

Nuclear waste and practical reconciliation ‒ Jim Green

Book Reviews

Coercive Reconciliation: Stabilise, Normalise, Exit Aboriginal Australia

Tony Juniper's How many lightbulbs does it take to change a planet?

David Hess's Alternative Pathways in Science and Industry: Activism, Innovation, and the Environment in an Era of Globalization

Alan Parkinson's Maralinga: Australia's Nuclear Waste Cover-up

Ian Lowe's Reaction time: climate change and the nuclear option

Green Volunteers


Chain Reaction #100 ‒ August 2007

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Special edition ‒ Chain Reaction's 100th edition

Regular Items

Earth News

FoE Australia News

FoE International News

Inspiration: Olatunde Johnson

Earth News


100 editions of Chain Reaction

It's time for food sovereignty! ‒ Joel Catchlove

Nanotechnology in agriculture and food production – which food future? ‒ Georgia Miller

FoE exposes uranium cartel in 1976 ‒ Wieslaw Lichacz

The base-load electricity fallacy ‒ Mark Diesendorf

Earth Sanctuaries and the failure of market-based conservation ‒ Jasmin Sydee and Sharon Beder

Australia's environment groups: climate change policy agenda

The obscenity of carbon trading ‒ Kevin Smith

Defence greenwash on war games a toxic lie ‒ Kim Stewart

Indigenous owners reject nuclear waste dump ‒ Nat Wasley

Anti-nuclear activists awarded

Munda Yumadoo Iliga – leave the land as it is ‒ Breony Carbines and Simon Prideaux

ICAN – can you? ‒ Felicity Hill

Agua Viva! Live Water! ‒ Sam Cossar-Gilbert

Book Reviews

Free Market Missionaries Suiting Themselves (Sharon Beder summarises her two latest books)

Clive Hamilton's Scorcher: The Dirty Politics of Climate Change

Paul Cleary's Shakedown: Australia's Grab for Timor Oil

Mark Diesendorf's Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy


Chain Reaction #99 ‒ March 2007

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Climate change feature.

Climate Change Election ‒ Emma Brindal

Ten Reasons Why Climate Change May Be More Severe Than Projected ‒ Barrie Pittock

Australia Isolates Itself at Climate Change Negotiations Yet Again ‒ Stephanie Long

Carbon Credits Central to Preventing Catastrophe ‒ David Spratt and Damien Lawson

The Three Cs of Climate Justice: Contraction, Convergence and Compensation ‒ Rachael Mead

Zero-Minus-Fast: The Best Target for a Safe Planet? Phillip Sutton

Aboriginal Heritage Under Threat in NSW ‒ Binnie O'Dwyer

Government Attacks Aboriginal Land Rights Act ‒ Jim Green

Federal Environmental Laws Further Weakened ‒ Jim Green

Victoria's Native Forests ‒ Cheap as Chips ‒ Review by Anthony Amis

Inspiration ‒ Susie Zent (by Anthony Amis)

Tasmania's Southern Forests ‒ Still Wild, Still Threatened ‒ Will Mooney and Warrick Jordan

Beyond Coal: Towards a Just Transition to Sustainability in the Hunter Valley Coalfields ‒ Geoff Evans

Patriots: Defending Australia's Natural Heritage ‒ Review by Pat O'Neill

Recovering the Sacred ‒ Review by Cam Walker

A Gippsland Union: The Victorian Coal Miners Association 1893-1915 ‒ Review by Cam Walker

Climate Change Litigation ‒ Review by Pat O'Neill


Chain Reaction #98 ‒ September 2006

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Strong Communities, Sane World: Challenging the G-20's neoliberal agenda


The Burnum Burnum Declaration

Changing the Story ‒ Doyle Canning and Patrick Reinsborough

Women Striving for Food Sovereignty in WTO Member States ‒ Asha Bee Abraham

When Women Unite ‒ Liz Branigan

Economic Apartheid in South Africa ‒ Patrick Bond

Market 'Solutions' to Climate Change: A Far Cry from Climate Justice ‒ Stephanie Long

The End of the World as We Know it (And I Feel Fine) ‒ Adam Fenderson

Warning! Conditions Attached ‒ Karen Iles

WTO Negotiations Collapse ‒ Damian Sullivan

The Only Struggle Lost is the One that is Abandoned ‒ Latin American Solidarity Network

Relocalise the Food System ‒ Chris Ennis

Beyond Growth Economies ‒ Amy Lang & Rodney Vlais

The Greed-20 versus Green-20 ‒ Elizabeth Wheeler

Didipio, northern Luzon ‒ JP Alipio

Book Reviews

Inspiration: Bert King 46


Chain Reaction #97 ‒ June 2006

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Nanotechnology feature:


Nanotechnology 101 ‒ Louise Sales & Olaf Bayer

What Would a Nano World Look Like? ‒ Georgia Miller & Dr Rye Senjen

Nanotechnology & Democratic Control ‒ Arius Tolstoshev

Nanotoxicity and Health ‒ Georgia Miller

Nanotechnology and Threats to Workers ‒ Hugh Roberston

Nanomaterials in Sunscreens, Cosmetics & Toiletries ‒ Georgia Miller

Nanotechnology & the Environment ‒ Dr Gyorgy Scrinis

The Risks of Military Applications of Nanotechnology ‒ Alexis Vlandis

Nanotechnology & Surveillance ‒ Jim Thomas

Nanobiotechnology ‒ Dr Rye Senjen

Small Nano + Large Corporations = Giant Profits ‒ Dr Rye Senjen

Nano Enhancement Medicine ‒ Dr Gregor Wolbring

Nanotechnology & the Quest to Improve Humans ‒ Dr Catherine Mills

Nanotech Food Futures? ‒ Dr Kirsten Lyons

Technology, Risk & Values ‒ John Hepburn

Research & Regulation ‒ Arius Tolstoshev

FoE Position & Call to Action

Other Articles

The Nuclear Solution to Climate Change ... and the Real Solution ‒ Jim Green

Inspiration: Annie Kajir

Book Reviews

Reviewed by Patrick O'Neill


Chain Reaction #94, #95, #96

Not available online. Available for viewing or photocopying in the FoE Melbourne office, 312 Smith St, Collingwood. Contact: [email protected], ph (03) 9419 8700


Chain Reaction #93 ‒ 2005

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'Hot Politics Testing Times' is a Friends of the Earth feature on nuclear issues in Australia

Poisoned Earth

Negative Reactions and Atomic Agendas

Wasting the Future

Digging Up Disaster: Roxby And Radiation ‒ Dave Sweeney

Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor ‒ Jim Green

Nuking The Climate Is No Solution ‒ Jim Green

Anti-Nuclear Map

Radioactive Waste Management ‒ Bruce Thompson

Nuclear Weapons ‒ Dimity Hawkins

Don’t Touch That Button ‒ John Hallam

Nuclear Freeways ‒ Loretta O’brien

Indigenous People And Nuclear Politics ‒ Sam Sowerwine (Irati Wanti Campaign; Alliance Against Uranium; Jabiluka)

Maralinga ‒ Jim Green

Food Irradiation

Web Resources


Chain Reaction #91, #92

Not available online. Available for viewing or photocopying in the FoE Melbourne office, 312 Smith St, Collingwood. Contact: [email protected], ph (03) 9419 8700


Chain Reaction #90 ‒ 2004

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Friends of the Earth Climate Justice Vision
More Trouble For the Poor ‒ Stephanie Long
Weathering the Storm: A Focus on Pacific Islanders ‒ Jane Davissen
Life on a Small Island ‒ Interview with Annie Homasi by Penehuro Lefale
Breaking the Weakest Link — Public Financing of Oil, Mining and Gas ‒ Kate Walsh and Janneke Bruill
Climate Litigation — A Tool for Action ‒ Climate Action Network Australia
Seasons in Samoa ‒ Penehuro Lefale
Hot and Bothered ‒ Urvashi Butalia's View From the South
The Hidden Refugee Crisis ‒ Cam Walker
Alternatives ‒ Wind and Sun Power at Work ‒ APACE
FairShare International profile


Chain Reaction #73 to #89

Not available online. Available for viewing or photocopying in the FoE Melbourne office, 312 Smith St, Collingwood. Contact: [email protected], ph (03) 9419 8700


Chain Reaction #72 ‒ December 1994

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Public relations flunkies and eco-terrorism ‒ Bob Burton

Ecofeminist Actions ‒ Chain Reaction supplement prepared by the Women's Environment Education Centre
Boycott woodchipping
Native American / environment group alliances: finding common ground ‒ Cam Walker.
The World Court Project and nuclear weapons ‒ Thomas Weber


Chain Reaction #71 ‒ September 1994

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What is Mabo? ‒ Larry O 'Loughlin.
History has a habit of repeating itself ‒ Jon Lark
Green groups and Aboriginal land rights ‒ Cam Walker
ACF and Aboriginal liaison ‒ Ros Sultan

The Gungalidda and CRA ‒ Wadjularbinna

'Sanctuaries' and environmental justice ‒ Kevin Guy

Towards dialogue: the Yarrabah meeting ‒ Rasey Crisp

The land is like a book: The story of Regina McKenzie ‒ Regina McKenzie
Anangu knowledge and Uluru management
Yorta Yorta struggle for justice continues ‒ Wayne Atkinson
Paying the Rent ‒ Bernadette McCartney and Robbie Thorpe
A Treaty for all ‒ Dennis Walker


Chain Reaction #70 ‒ January 1994

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Doing politics differently: the WA Greens ‒ Dhanu River
Nice name: pity about the policies ‒ Bob Burton
The muzzling of the Dingo Forest Mob ‒ James Prest (legal actions being taken against environmentalists)

Friends of the Earth Special Feature: an overview of Friends of the Earth, internationally and in Australia.
International Friends of the Earth 1993 Meeting ‒ Clive Rosewarne


Chain Reaction #69 ‒ September 1993

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Sutherland Shire reacts against nuclear proposal ‒ Petria Wallace looks at how a council and its community went about opposing a proposed new nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights.
Native title claim puts Roxby in fluid situation ‒ Maggie Hine reports on how a land claim has raised difficulties for Roxby because it affects the mine's water needs.
The storm before CALM ‒ The WA Department of Conservation and Land Management has suppressed and censored articles produced by its own scientists writes Beth Schultz.
Peace action at Nurrungar ‒ Chris Hannaford looks at how and why people are opposing the Nurrungar military base in South Australia.
Right to protest under threat ‒ New methods of legal action by forestry authorities are aimed at stopping protests and harassing activists before the prtests start. James Prest reports.
Trade agreement threatens environment ‒ The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and other trade agreements will have an effect on the environmental standards applied by all spheres of government. Sue Arnold looks at what can be done.
Pemulwuy ‒ an Eora indigenous people resister: George Venturini takes a poetic look at Pemulwuy and his resistance to the British invasion of Australia.
Thought control and flying pigs ‒ Richard Hindmarsh suggests that the CSIRO's travelling exhibition on genetic engineering was an exercise in thought control


Chain Reaction #68 ‒ February 1993

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Special Science Issue

The arrogance of scientists ‒ Brian Martin and Sharon Beder.look at the way scientists see the world.
Blinding us with science ‒ Scientists sometimes support dubious science. Alan Roberts
The public relations of science ‒ Rosaleen Love looks at developments in the way science is sold to the public, and the particular case of genetic engineering.
Science and the military ‒ Mary Cawte looks at the military's use of science and the way it is approaching environmental issues.
Bias and credibility in environmental impact assessment ‒ Sharon Beder looks at some of the problems with environmental impact assessment and suggests a way to reduce the biases.
Scientists and the environmental movement ‒ How should environmentalists use science and scientists? Stuart White suggests that although there are problems, it is not all bleak.
User(p) friendly science ‒ Isla MacGregor writes about working with United Scientists for Environmental Responsibility and Protection (USERP) scientists.
Is the 'new paradigm' of physics inherently ecological? The new age concept of a link between 'new physics' and a holistic ecological consciousness is deceptive argues Brian Martin.

Aboriginal science for the ecologically sustainable future ‒ Michael J. Christie examines some myths underlying both Western and Aboriginal scientific systems.

Putting science in its place ‒ This Vandana Shiva interview looks at the intellectual journey which led her from nuclear physicist to environmental activist.
Carefule of science ‒ a feminist critique ‒ Patsy flallen examines ways in which feminism can and should help transfigure science


Chain Reaction #67 ‒ October 1992

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Unwrapping packaging's public relations ‒ How does packaging get such good coverage? David Vincent looks at the organisations and people who represent the interests of the packaging industry.

Forging Australia's nuclear chain ‒ Recent developments are aimed towards Australia forming another link in the international nuclear industry writes Maggie Hine.

From centre to margin in ecofeminist thought ‒ Ariel Salleh looks at the development of ecofeminism and the different substantive issues covered by ecofeminist writers from Third World countries.

Women and nature ‒ Ecofemiriism has inspired Felicity Ruby, who looks at the way language is used to feminise nature, and some of the meanings and implications of this.

Managing the Reef ‒ There is a philosophy to the management of the Great Barrier Reef but Denise Russell argues that it is inadequate for protecting the Reef ecosystem.

Right to know ‒ Community access to environmental information is a developing issue. Larry O'Loughlin and Clare Henderson compiled this report on what is meant by 'right to know'.

The massacre of the whales ‒ William Lines provides a fascinating account of how whaling in Australian waters in the nineteenth century almost eliminated the great animals.

Regulating the slaughter? ‒ Whaling has been banned, or has it? Larry O'Loughlin prepared this report on the regulation of whaling.


Chain Reaction #66 ‒ April 1992

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In search of ecocities ‒ The ecocity movement has developed from a number of strands writes Roman Orszanski who sets out a context for current discussions.
From grey to green ‒ How do we make our cities into ecocities? Peter Berg suggests that we apply bioregional principles to a green city program.
Design 'n' weather ‒ The weather can be a design feature of buildings says Emilis Prelgauskas.
Chairs in the street ‒ David Engwicht looks at chairs and sees an essential role for chaos in building a sustainable city.
Crisis in the megacities: Bangkok ‒ Larger cities such as Bangkok face larger problems. Charles Setchell looks at the hub of the world's fastest growing national economy.
Sustainable society: a radical view ‒ A dark green Ted Trainer suggests that the limits to growth argument hasn't been refuted and it implies drastic change.
Pulling figures out of the air ‒ Transport greenhouse gas emissions are calculated by Dhanu River and Jeff Kenworthy.
Cities addicted to cars ‒ There are ways to reduce the dependency of cities on cars says Peter Newman.
Clean and healthy ... dirty and happy ‒ Planners and designers can help bring about environmental and social change according to Randolph Hester and Laura Lawson.


Chain Reaction #65 ‒ March 1992

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The Federal EPA: EPAs are nearly here ‒ many agencies, but how much environment protection? Rob Fowler and Paul Rutherford look at the way things are shaping up.

Development, democracy and the MFP: Ade Peace read at least 800 pages on the MFP, and is still left with unanswered questions.

How was AIDEX? Louise Macdonald was asked so many times, she's put it down in writing. Meanwhile Bill Williams was inside having a guided tour with one of the exhibition organisers.

On the border of peace: A team of people seeking peace can still have much on which to disagree. Liz Denham reports on life among the lines.

The impact of television on children: Even programs that are not heavy can have an impact. Ann Sanson looks at whether it's a problem, how it happens and what to do about it.


Chain Reaction #63/64 ‒ April 1991

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Tobacco and the environment ‒ Simon Chapman and Wong Wai Leng look at some environmental arguments against tobacco.
Corruption in the environment movement? Three articles on aspects of corruption in the environment movement.
The green elite and the 1987 election ‒ The environment movement has developed its own elite network, according to Tim Doyle.
Greepeace ‒ getting a piece of the green action ‒ Hazel Notion suggests that Greenpeace is becoming a lighter shade of green.
The corporate takeover of Friends of the Earth ‒ The story of the decline of FOE (USA) from Hungry Coyote.
A slick business in northern seas ‒ Matthew Jamieson looks at some of Australia's crude deals on northern oil.
Constructing War ‒ The media's role in the Gulf War is considered by Maggie Emmett.
Uranium ‒ the heat goes on ‒ Maggie Hine on the previous fallout and current decay of ALP uranium debates.
A little light radiation ‒ James Prest and Margaret Dingle shed some light on compact fluorescents.
Green, gay ... and Christian? ‒ There's a link between the way the official churches treat the environment and the way they treat homosexual people says Andrew Durney.
Are debt for nature swaps an answer? ‒ Some points to consider from Brad Erickson.
Resource Security ‒ a leap backwards ‒ Nick Gill looks at Resource Security – what it is and what's wrong with it.
War on the environmental in Central America ‒ A report from Pip Hinman on the greatest environmental threat in Central America


Chain Reaction #62 ‒ October 1990

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Saving Trees with Grass ‒ Aldis Ozols suggests that there is a proven, environment friendly alternative to using trees for paper.

The Shifting Sands of Fraser Island ‒ Things are happening again on Fraser Island. Felicity Ruby recently visited the Island and reports on its latest environmental problems.

Wilderness and Land Rights ‒ A Response ‒ The Wilderness Society has responded
to an article in Chain Reaction. Rod McDougall writes.

Questioning Sustainability ‒ Malcolm Hollick looks at the term 'sustainability' and suggests that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Biotechnology ‒ Miracle or Menace? ‒ This issue has been developing for some time and is about to grow wildly as it leaves the laboratories and enters the natural environment. Bob Phelps looks at some of its proposed uses and calls for public consultation.

Biodiversity or Biogenocide? ‒ The diversity of life on the planet is important for all species, it even affects the economic activities of Homo sapiens. According to Richard Hindmarsh, one species is endangering all of the others, and itself.

Being Green ‒ Gisela Gardener investigates the green activity of people in a non-English speaking part of the world.

Towards Aboriginal Sovereignty ‒ The recent formation of the Aboriginal Provisional Government is explained, and some of its implications explored


Chain Reaction #61 ‒ July 1990

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Youth for Ozone-the Government Way ‒ Mark Juddery and Ben Cole are concerned about ozone depletion, but is the Government?

The New Australian Militarism ‒ Bill Williams explores defence and related issues raised in a new book.

ICI continues to pollute ‒ A large source of toxic chemicals comes under the scrutiny of Richard Gosden.

Bases to go? ‒ Andrew Nette looks at prospects for removal of the US military bases in the Philippines.

Communities and Ecology ‒ The environment is an issue in the Philippines and Robin Broad and John Cavanagh look at some responses.

lmperyalismo lbagsak ‒ Heinrich Hinze draws some conclusions from his recent trip to the Philippines.
Is Wilderness a Land Rights Issue? ‒ The prospect of wilderness legislation should not let environmentalists forget Aboriginal issues says Jon Lark.

Wilderness ‒ is there any in Australia? ‒ Larry O'Loughlin and Clare Henderson look at the meaning and use of 'wilderness'.

New Clear Technology ‒ is it the answer? ‒ John Hallam looks at the 'next generation' of nuclear technology and finds it wanting.

Protesters and Police ‒ can they be friends? It goes further than the individuals involved, according to Ian Wilson.

A National Environment Organisation ‒ We need a national organisation says Marcus Beresford, and he proposes a model

Book reviews


Chain Reaction #60 ‒ 1990

Not available online. Available for viewing or photocopying in the FoE Melbourne office, 312 Smith St, Collingwood. Contact: [email protected], ph (03) 9419 8700

Contents include: Letters, Earth News, FOE News, Shades of Gray, Know Your Environment Group, Defencing the Realm, What the Greenies Lost in the Election, Beyond the Greenhouse ‒ an Energy Primer, Don't Panic it's Organic, Back at the Lab, Mitsubishi Sponsoring Destruction, Watching the Mine, Roxby ‒ Something to Hide?, Reviews.


Chain Reaction #59 ‒ Spring 1989

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Battle of the bottle: There is another boycott of Nestle ‒ Fauziah Varusay reports

Coronation Hill sellout? The delay on mining at Coronation Hill may be just that ‒ a delay. Pat Jessen reports.

Threats to Kakadu. There's another scheme to erode Kakadu National Park writes Friends of Kakadu.

Uranium market cools. The price drops, it stays in the ground, but there's still plenty around says John Hallam.

International debt, ecology and sin. Father Sean McDonagh draws the links, writes Robyn Weston.

Green election fever. Temperatures are rising as the pendulums swing. Brian Martin applies a cool cloth.

Killarney Glen. FOE Brisbane tours a piece of Queensland rainforest under attack by the Army.

Nurrungar: non-violent confrontation. The actions have ended, but the debate has just started with Robert Burrowes and Andrew Nette, Kate Tempany, Ian Wilson.

We need a change of heart and mind ‒ Hugh Stretton interview.
The road not taken. Who will win the environment debate, wonders Stuart White.

Capitalists and greens ‒ can they cohabit? A debate emerges on relations between environmentalists and polluters and Linda Siddall and James Prest have their say.

Remaking society. To heal the environment, we must remake our society argues Murray Bookchin.

Just a scrap of paper? Victoria ‒ nuclear free? No, according to the MAUM Newsletter.

Old husbands' tales. A boy's own story from Bill Williams and Gisela Gardener.


Chain Reaction #58 ‒ Winter 1989

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Is growth so bad? Economic growth does not necessarily lead to environmental destruction, argues James Prest.

Growing pains. John Young looks at the price society and the environment pays for conventional economics.

Of time and tide. Richard Grossman examines the media's handling of environmental issues.

Green Independents. Bob Burton and Judy Lambert report on the Tasmanian Green explosion.

Five green issues the ALP won't talk about ... but Peter Blacknell will.

Green light for the Right? Does the Libs' new-found environmental concern make any difference, asks James Prest.

Agent Orange Revisited. Paul Di Masi reports on a review of the findings of the Evatt Royal Commission.

Dolphins in chains. Sue Close ponders the fate of Adelaide's Marineland cetacea.

A range of problems. Pat Jessen summarises the chequered history of uranium mining in Australia.

Ominous, obsolete and over here. Margaret Colmer looks at the role of the US base at Nurrungar.

Recycled paper: Still a whitewash. David Vincent asks, how recycled is 'recycled'?

Sacred sites under threat. The Northern Territory Government legislates away Aboriginal control. A special report.

Frame-up. The Hilton bombing blows up again. Georgina Abrahams looks into the case.


Chain Reaction #57 ‒ Autumn 1989

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Peace: A New Myth? The ANZACs have dominated our view of war for too long. By Tony Smith.

Paper Chase: The need to recycle paper has never been greater. By Fran McDonald.

Dioxin: The most toxic chemical turns out to be very common. By Clare Henderson.

King of the Hill: A look at BHP and Coronation Hill.

Ecotheology: Chapter and Verse of how religion deals with the environment. By Andrew Dutney.

Green Consumerism. By Ian Grayson.

Countdown to Cape York. By Peter Springnell.

Worse than Marcos. By Jo Vallentine.

Cooling the Greenhouse: Is nuclear power a solution to the Greenhouse Effect. By Bill Keepin.

Narmada: River of Life. By Carol Sherman.

Raising Cane. Another look at what happened to the anti-nuclear movement in SA. By Roman Orszanski.


Chain Reaction #56 ‒ Summer 1988/89

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Environment and the Law. A special look at the law and its role in protecting the environment. How can it help the movement?

End of Mining Freeze (Antarctica). Plans are being made to start mining in is the Antarctica. A look at the present situation. By Margaret Moore.

Ozone: an Holistic Approach. What needs to be done to solve the growing problem of diminishing ozone? By Stuart White.

Hot Food. What to do with food contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster? By Les Dalton.
Trees Fall in Deal. The Tasmanian and Federal Governments make a deal. The loser is the forest of South-West Tasmania. By Greg Sargent.

Roxby Sells ... A compilation of anti-uranium group comments following the first uranium shipment from Roxby Downs (Olympic Dam). By Larry O'Loughlin.

... The Military Takes. US plans to use civilian uranium in weapons. By Richard Bolt.

Solar '88 conference. Batteries of questions and panels of answers at the Solar '88 Conference. By Bert King.

ALP Turning Green? A Chain Reaction report on some green action in the Australian Labor Party.


Chain Reaction #55 ‒ Spring 1988

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Goodbye Perth ‒ Chain Reaction looks at the 'success' of the Bicentennial Naval Salute

Bhopal, beyond genocide

Taking the wrong track ‒ Peter Dempsey and Paul Harley ‒ A train to travel through the forests of East Gippsland at 350 kmh.

Reuse it, don't refuse it ‒ recycling in NSW and Victoria, also paper recycling

Sarawak ‒ the crisis deepens

The price of progress ‒ Masaya Shima ‒ There is more to Japan than big business

H-bomb truck watch ‒ Nathaniel Batchelor ‒ The highways of the USA are an important part of nuclear weapons delivery systems

Peace tax ‒ Robert Burrowes ‒ How Australian taxpayers are financing the arms race and what you can do about it.

Banking on disaster ‒ Carol Sheman ‒ International investing in international disaster.

Green economics ‒ Greg Buckman ‒ An alternative to the future proposed by Paul Keating


Chain Reaction #54 ‒ Winter 1988

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The Cabarlah Five (Christian activists in Brisbane jail after Easter Sunday action)

Keep Off the Beach. Living next to the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in the UK. Interview with Jean Emery.

Flagging Safeguards. Flag-swaps allow Australian uranium to end up in places it isn't meant to be. By John Hallam.

Australian Uranium: the Boomerang Brand. Who's mining what, and where. By Dick Borton.

Driving into the Greenhouse. By Ian Grayson.

Clutching at Nuclear Straws. Nuclear power is being promoted as an answer to climate change. By Stuart White.

Women Behind Bars. By Amanda George.

NH&MRC Slips on Lanolin ‒ a Watching Brief Report. How a government report on pesticides in lanolin fails.

Biotechnology and the Third World. By Susan George.

Women and AIDS. By Sheril Berkovitch.


Chain Reaction #53 ‒ Autumn 1988

To read or download PDF click here.

Black Deaths in Custody – an Aboriginal perspective

CIA in Action in Iran and Nicaragua, and the Australian connection. By Martin Peake.

CANE is Dead ‒ Why? By Penny Miller and Clare Ralfs.

Non-Violence Can Be Lethal ‒ Why CANE Died. By Ally Fricker.

Auto-Manic. By the FoE Soft Energy Group.

Banks for Closing Nuke Plants. Seabrook (US) nuclear plant. By John Hallam/Hallum.

Crisis, Whose Crisis? By Piergiorgio Moro.

Development or Disarmament: Australia's Role. Arming the Third World. By George Venturini.

Conferring Peace. Report from Nov. 1987 Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific conference. By Donald Goertzen.


Chain Reaction #52 ‒ Summer 1987/88

To read or download PDF click here.

Wasteful Problem, Hazardous Solution (Incineration) .By Sharon Beder.

What are you incinerating? By Geoff Evans.

Pine Gap Revisited (protest in October 1987)

Warriors and Terror (debate about John Dixon-Jenkins)

Is the CES Working – employment agency or a nightmare

Sam Goes to Jail (FoE Malaysia activists face indefinite jail terms)

The White Rose Action – Katya Komisaruk faces jail for sabotage of a NAVSTAR computer. By Liz Denham.


Chain Reaction #51 ‒ Spring 1987

To read or download PDF click here.

The End of the Natural World. What kind of future can we expect from biotechnology? By Ian Grayson.

Arresting the Arms Race. Action in the Nevada Desert as US peace campaigners try to stop the testing of nuclear weapons. By Jo Vallentine.

The Anti-nuclear Warrior. Non-violent terrorism and life in prison. The reasons behind the actions. By John Dixon-Jenkins.

The Mound Springs. The Roxby Downs uranium mine is drawing its water from mound springs in South Australia. By Ila Marks.

Another Paradise Lost? With the end of the Marcos reign in the Philippines the USA is looking for alternative sites to base their forces. The unspoilt islands of Belau seem to be a possibility. By Paul Greco

Oils Ain't Oils. The FOE Soft Energy Action Group looks at the effects of coal to oil technology.

Where Theories Fail. Nuclear energy cannot work because the very theory upon which it is based is flawed. By Jeyaretnam Thillaimuthu.

Land Rights ... Mining companies are trying to blame the Aboriginal community for the downfall in the mining industry. In truth it is they that are creating any problems that exist. By Judith Wright-McKinney.

... And Mining. Mining company CRA have made a stake for land within the Ruddall River National Park in WA, a homeland in which many Aborigines have resettled. By Rick Humphries.

Development, Disarmament and Survival. Whilst half the world starves the super powers spend more and more on weapons, and export these to starving countries rather than food. By George Venturini.

Elections: Friend or FOE? Should FOE get involved in the election process and a 'Green' party? By Gavan Thompson.

Reshaping Australian Politics Does the future in politics lay outside the party structure in an organised non-party oriented organisation? By Dr Joe Camilleri.


Chain Reaction #50 ‒ Winter 1987

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Election Run-down. A look at the options in the forthcoming Federal election. By Larry O'Loughlin.

The Fight for the Forests Continues. The West Australian draft Timber Strategy and what is means for the future of the karri and marri forests. By Basil Schur.

Rainforest Bashing in Daintree. The battle continues to save the North Queensland rainforest. The latest from the blockade site. By Alex Colley.

Straightening a Bent Disease. The myths surrounding AIDS continue to grow. What is the real truth? By Kenton Penley.

Chernobyl ‒ the Meltdown Reaction. Chain Reaction talks to Luxemburg wine grower and nuclear activist, Elizabeth Kox-Risch, on the aftermath of Chernobyl.

Atomic Oceans. Mururoa Atoll is sinking into the Pacific and the French arc looking for a new island to test their weapons on. It seems that once again Australia will be in the firing line. By Margaret Howes.

Des Wilson. English FOE activist Des Wilson is coming to Australia. Chain Reaction previews his visit.

Soft Energy Action. The first of a regular series of reports from the FOE Soft Energy Action Group.

Antarctic Freeze. Greenpeace is attempting set up its own base in Antarctica for research and to keep an eye on what is happening there. By Trevor Daly.

A Long Drought Ahead? The New Right and cuts to funding. Does the environment movement have a future or is it facing a long drought? By Peter Christoff.

Chain Reaction #49 ‒ Autumn 1987

To read or download PDF click here.

Undermining National Parks. Will the West Australian Government allow mining in the state's National Parks? By Rick Humphries.

Solar, So Good. Renewable energy in Australian agriculture. The present use and future prospects. By Bob Fuller.

Recycling in Bondage. A High Court challenge has been mounted against South Australia's recycling laws. By Ian Grosser.

Operation Deep Freeze. A US Navy base is to be moved from non-nuclear New Zealand to Tasmania, another link in Australia's nuclear chain. By Pat Florence.

Peace and the Environment. The myth of the peaceful atom and the role of uranium mining in the arms race. By Judy Spokes.

Remembering. A tribute to Justice Lionel Murphy. By George Venturini.

Pay the Rent. White Australians are living on Aboriginal land. Chain Reaction talks to Denis Walker, an Aboriginal activist, about paying the rent.

Animal Politics. A look inside the Adelaide Zoo. By John Lark.

Getting Red and Green Together. There is little point in saving the forests if we do nothing to stop the growth economy. By Ted Trainer.

Death of the Party. A look at some current proposals for green political action. By Roman Orszanski.


Chain Reaction #48 ‒ Summer 1986/87

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Action on Pine Gap: Reports from the Canberra Women's Peace Camp and the 19 October action at Pine Gap.

The Cost of the Bicentenary. Looking at the South Australian Jubilee and the Australian Bicentenary 'celebrations'. Whose party is it? By Claire Rafts and Penny Miller.

Soft Energy: the Only Option. Chain Reaction supplement on 'Soft Energy Options for Australia' produced by the FoE Soft Energy Action Group.

Supplement, Food and Radiation: a Bad Pair. A new way of preserving food proves too hot to handle. By Ian Foletta.

Power Problems in Hong Kong. FoE Hong Kong reports about the proposed Daya Bay nuclear power plant.

French Disconnection. By John Hallam. A look at the French nuclear industry and its problems.

Forest People Die Back. The exploitation of Malaysian rainforest, land rights and a people destroyed. By Peter Graf.

The ACF: Where to Now? Chain Reaction talks to Phillip Toyne, the new director of the Australian Conservation Foundation.


Chain Reaction #47 ‒ Spring 1986

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Bon Voyage to ALP Policy. Examining the ALP's budget decision to resume uranium sales to France. By Glenn Foard.
Barking up the Wrong Tree. The Victorian Government's timber strategy. By Peter Christoff.
Bases of Insecurity Supplement. A look at the US presence in Australia.

Blind Eye to Animal Testing. Looking at the problems of the proposed toxicology lab for Werribee. By Susanna Lobez.

Chipping WA. Report on woodchipping of Karri and Jarrah-Marri forests in Denmark, Western Australia. By Basil Schur.
France's Total Secret. At Manyingee in Western Australia, Total, with two other companies, is testing 'in situ' leach mining of uranium.

Government's Panic Budget. Chain Reaction talks to Michael Gill of the National Times and Kate McNeil of the Victorian Council of Social Services about the federal budget

My 25 Years in the CIA. Interview with former agent Ralph McGehee on the CIA's role in Australia.

America's Nuclear Lake. Peter Hayes talks on America's expansion in the Pacific.


Chain Reaction #46 ‒ Winter 1986

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Making a Stand. Tribal Philipinos making a stand for their land. By Dianne Lucas.
Chernobyl ‒ The Aftermath. Special supplement.

Fight for the Shannon. The struggle with the Burke Government to get Shannon declared a national park. By John Renshaw.

Another Leak from Ranger. More cracks in the Ranger facade as the facts seep out. By Willy Wabeke.

Sydney's Toxic Waste Dump ‒ the Pacific. Sydney harbours sewerage problem. By Richard Gosden.

Nuclear-Free Links. A report on the Coalition For a Nuclear Free Australia National Consultation. By Larry Marshall.


Chain Reaction #45 ‒ Autumn 1986

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Marching for Peace. What 300 000 people did on Palm Sunday and what they thought about it.

Easter in Sydney. Reviews of the Broad Left and Getting Together conferences held in Sydney over Easter 1986. By Jonathan Goodfield and Ian Foletta.

Bases of Exploitation. The social consequences of the USA's Subic Bay naval base in the Philippines. By Gwen Gibbon.

Black Issues: White Movements. The need for conservationists to work more closely with Land Rights activists. By Lyn Allen.

Telling White Lies. Looking at how the media presents the Land Rights issue. By Eve Fesl

The not so Preferred Model. A look at some issues raised by the Federal government's preferred model for National Land Rights legislation. By Deborah Moon

Conserving the Status Quo. The Victorian government's conservation strategy, where it fails and the alternatives. By Peter Cock.

Non-violence. Let's Fight About It. A call for the reassessment of non-violence and the its uncritical acceptance by the peace movement. By Howard Ryan.


Chain Reaction #44 ‒ Summer 1985/86

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Wet Tropics Deadline. Time is running out for Australia's remaining tropical rainforest. By Anne Hingston. Dumping Ban. Victory in ocean dumping of nuclear waste campaign. By Andrew Brophy.

Beyond Bhopal. Further questions raised by world's worst industrial accident. By Bert King
Law and Order in the UK. British peace movement believes new laws are being written to weaken it. By Rob Hitchcock.

Picking for the Revolution. The second Australian work brigade gets under way. By Bert King.

West of Eden. Woodchipping giant laughs all the way to the bank. By Terry Cox.
Youth on Elder Street. Report on youth peace camp in Melbourne's suburbs. By Robert Williams.

Peace Year, a Hollow Cake. The International Year of Peace, a government propaganda campaign? By Peter Springell.

Mmm... Coalitions? Discussion on how to achieve a socialist alternative Melbourne. By Faye Eisentraut and Keith Redgen.

Laurie goes for Lorries. The Department of Main Roads sends in the public relations corps to inner Sydney. By Jan Ardill.

The Political Economy of Grand Larceny. The illegal occupation and exploitation of Namibia
continues. By George Venturini.

Networking for Change. An analysis of the reasons social movements are seeing the need for coalitions. By Trevor Blake.

A Rainbow Alliance. A call for a new movement uniting the spectrum of oppressed groups. By George Venturini.

Towards a Nonviolent Revolution. The importance of destroying hierarchal structures to achieve change. By John Englart.


Chain Reaction #42/43 ‒ August 1985

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The First Man into Hiroshima. 'We cannot rid ourselves of wars, or their traces, or of "the
ones they leave behind"'By John Hawke.

The Nuke Next Door. Resident groups challenge the activities of Lucas Heights nuclear research establishment south of Sydney. By Bert King.

Bicycles Against the Galaxy. Peace groups protest Pine Gap upgrading. Alice Springs, April 1985. By Jenny Green.

A Warrior Goes Down. The bombing of Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior in Auckland in July 1985. By Sally Wasp.

Young Answers to Old Questions. A report on youth peace groups conference in Canberra in May 1985. By Brendan Rea and Robert Williams.

Stopping the War Machine. How to disrupt the institutions involved in the arms race. By Maz Keryn.

Political Directions for the Peace and Environment Movements. A call for contributions to Chain Reaction's project. By Sue Armstrong.

Pandas Leave the Swamp. The rise and fall of the Nuclear Disarmament Party. By Jonathan Goodfield.

New Lights in a Darkening Landscape? After the NDP split, where to go? Struggle within the ALP, or work towards an Australian green party? By John Wiseman.

Red and Green Peace. Problems of a socialist and environmentalist coalition. By Jan Bruck.

Two Hundred Years, Too Long. Demands for adequate Aboriginal land rights legislation grow stronger as the bicentenary approaches. By Rob Riley.

Foreign Extraction. Ownership and control of the resources industry in Australia and Canada. By Jean Moran and Ian Lowe.

Services to Industry. The role of forest bureaucracies in defending the interests of the timber industry. By Val Plumwood and Ian Penna.

Bourne Again. Interview with Peter Atkins, Maurie Crow and Ruth Crow. Authors of Make Melbourne Marvellous talk about their vision of a socialist, ecological future for the city.


Chain Reaction #41 ‒ April/May 1985

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Maralinga: Australian Science on Trial. The British nuclear tests royal commission and the silence of the scientific establishment. By Peter Springell.

Bhopal. The role of multinationals operating in the Third World in the light of the world's worst industrial accident. By Bert King.

Western Mining in Deep Water. In South Australia, the driest state, two mining projects threaten underground water. supplies. By Ian Grayson and Anne-Marie Delahunt.

Desperate Options. Forestry policies and practices in Papua New Guinea from Australian colonialism to Japanese exploitation. By Michael Wood.

Head Counts. The demise of the peace movement in West Germany or a search for new directions? By Peter Mares.

Not Just a Drop in the Ocean. Background report on the MX missile tests in the Tasman Sea and what can be done to disrupt them. By Owen Wilkes.

Towards a Red and Green Coalition. To really change the priorities of the society requires a very large movement. What sort of vehicle could do the job? By Anne McMenamin and John Wishart.

Wimmera Water Battle Continues. Standards for waste discharges are inappropriate to Australia's river systems. By Lyndon Fraser.


Chain Reaction #40 ‒ Dec 1984 / Jan 1985

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Taking Roxby to Town. Blackaders return home to deliver tailings to the mine's management. By Tom Worsnop and Maz Kerin.

Fall Out. A personal account of the first British atomic test off north-west Australia in 1952. By Ivan B Grossmith.

Insulting American Intelligence. Reports from around Australia and New Zealand on actions against US electronic spy bases.

Woodchip Exports. Should Tasmania's forests continue to be destroyed for export or managed to create jobs? By Forest Action Network.

Rehabilitating the Jarrah. Aluminium companies attempt to cover up their holes in the forests of south-west WA. By Basil Schur.

Alternatives to Plant Patenting. Proposals to undercut support for plant variety rights and improve plant improvement programs. By Mark Cole.

Nukes Going Bust. Bankruptcy, incompetency, technological stagnation – the US nuclear industry in crisis. By John Hallam.

Battle for Your Minds. Does the Uranium Information Centre inform? The correspondence continues.

Cracks in the Ringwood Solution. A look at Synroc, a method of high-level radioactive waste disposal developed in Australia. By Brian Martin.


Chain Reaction #39 ‒ Oct/Nov 1984

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Up on the Downs. The 1984 Roxby blockade blooms in the desert. By Val Sparks.

Papan Says No to Thorium. Malaysian town fights a radioactive waste dump. By Eileen Goodfield.

Mining the Stock-pile. Disarmament or a continued arms race will destroy USA demand for Roxby Downs' uranium. By Ron Leeks.

The Portland Saga. A great big smelting pot, big enough to take Victoria and all it's got. By Sue Armstrong and Jonathan Goodfield.

Sharp Talk. No Violent Action. An interview with Gene Sharp. Ways to a non-violent society.

The Dangers of Eco-feminism. 'Simple eco-feminism could undermine our efforts toward social change.' By Terri Seddon.

Something to Keep You Awake. How the world coffee market works. By Colin Jones and Sheril Berkovitch.

Talking Russians. More discussion on Russia and the peace movement. By Harry Davies.

Daintree: Road to Ruin. Why the federal government should stop the bulldozers getting ahead. By Karen Porter.

Green Ideals, German Realities. A look at the Green Party's policies and recent electoral success. By Peter Mares.


Chain Reaction #38 ‒ July‒Sept 1984

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Hollywood Goes Nuclear. A discussion. Nuclear celluoid. Film buffs take a look.

Precocious Puberty in Puerto Rico. Growth hormones fed to poultry, poultry fed to kids. By Sheril Berkovitch.

A Little Each Day. The Uranium Information Centre's battle for your mind. By Terri Seddon.

Korea: a Nuclear Bonanza. Bribery in pursuit of South Korean reactor contracts. By Mark Howie, Peter Hayes, Tim Shorrock, and Lyuba Zarsky.

Re-presenting Work. A photo essay. A large area of our lives remains undocumented and hidden.

What About the Russians? Does it matter who's responsible for the arms race? By Phil Shannon.

Developing the Malaysian Environment. Richard Nankin talks to Gurmit Singh. Prospects and problems of environmentalism in the Third World.

Common Experiences. An interview with Barbara Harford. The ebb and flow of Greenham women's peace camp.

Antartic Tactics. No sliding on ice. By Ross Scott.


Chain Reaction #37 ‒ April/May 1984

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Indian Fictions. Interview with Salman Rushdie. Writer Salman Rushdie talks about India, Gandhi, nonviolence, the bomb, and the role of fiction in telling the truth.

How to Save the World Part 1. An introduction to campaign strategies and organisation.

Know Your Friends, Know Your Enemies. Environmentalists need to develop strategies which embrace other social change movements. By Susan Mueller.

Effective Campaigning. Strategy, tactics and style. An in-depth look at the elements of a successful campaign. By Leigh Holloway.

Managing the Media. How and when to use the mass media. By Chris Harris.

Consensus ‒ Let's Vote on it. By Howard Ryan. Some confessions from an ex-worshipper of consensus decision making.

Undermining National Parks. Victoria's national parks. What real protection do they offer when mining, logging and grazing continue unabated? By Janet Rice.

Back to the Limits. The simply living debate continues. What causes global environmental problems and Third World poverty? By Ted Trainer.

World Park on Ice. Many activists have gone cold on the idea of a World Park for Antarctica. Why? By Lyn Goldsworthy.


Chain Reaction #36 ‒ February/March 1984

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Pine Gap: Debate on the women for survival protest and land rights ‒ tokenism or solidarity? i) Responses to Women for Survival Campaign, by Brisbane Women's Land Rights Solidarity Group. ii) Central Australian Aboriginal Women and Pine Gap, by Jenny Green. iii) Pitjantjatjara Women and Pine Gap, by Diana James.

Sunrise on the corporate farm, by Geoff Lawrence. New genes don't come cheap. How Australian agriculture will be affected by private involvement in biological research.

Beyond the limits, by Keith Redgen. There's no easy answers to the inequalities in the global economy. Simply living isn't enough.

The growth of eco-feminism, by Ariel Kay Salleh. Women's actions on environment and disarmament issues ‒ a sketch of the past two decades.

Micronesia in the nuclear maelstrom, by Nick Maclellan. Islands in the stream of USA weapons testing, waste dumping, military installations, and 'democracy.

A little piece of France, by Jamie Button. The struggle by New Caledonia's indigenous people, the Kanaks, for independence from the French.

Exchanging uranium for non-proliferation, by Ron Leeks and Mark Hayes. Hawke's uranium policy: contorting the reality of the arms race to justify uranium sales.


Chain Reaction #35 ‒ December 1983 / January 1984

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Reactions ‒ Exiles from the Chemical Society. Interview with Maureen Magee. 'Our sensitivity to ordinary household objects may seem bizarre.' Living with severe allergies.

The Peace Cycle. Australian cyclists deploy themselves in a strategic West German valley. By Paul Marshall.

Militarism, Socialism and World Peace. Interview with Dan Smith. A long-time British
disarmament activist answers some probing questions from Chain Reaction.

K-K-Kakadu. Uranium mines or national park? Putting together the Kakadu jigsaw. By Susan Mueller.

The Nature of Environmental Courses. Beware! That course could be an old discipline dressed in a buzz word. By Phil Tighe.

Working Against Yellowcake. Trade unions and the fight against the mining and export of uranium. By Allan Rees.

Job Package Found in Rubbish. A change to returnable beverage containers would return many jobs. Why the packaging industry is worried. By Barbara Hutton and Richard Nankin.

Penang Flipside. A glimpse at the problems of the Malaysian environment. By Linda Cawcutt.


Chain Reaction #34 ‒ October/November 1983

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The plague that poisons morong, by Walden Bello, John Harris and Lyuba Zarsky. Who benefits from the construction of a nuclear reactor and electrification programs in the Philippines?

Dyeing concern. Interview with Don McPhee. Hair dyes contain chemicals suspected of causing cancer. And you·don't have to drink them to be in danger.

Cockroaches, ants, spiders, borers and termites, by Robert Verkerk. The pest control industry in Sydney. A story of irresponsibility in the use of very hazardous pesticides .

The big boat race, by Mark Delmage. Visits by nuclear ships to Fremantle ‒ part of the USA's expanding influence in the Pacific and Indian Oceans

Women's action for peace. A discussion with Georgina Abrahams, Annique Due, Diane Hague and Mavis Robertson. Feminism, media stereotypes, and why women are organising autonomously to oppose nuclear war.

Limits to growth, by Ted Trainer. A look at our over-use of resources and exploitation of Third World peoples and the global environment.

Farm the wind, by Andrew Blakers and Peter Penn. Wind-generated electricity for Australia? The obstacles are political and institutional


Chain Reaction #33 ‒ August-September 1983

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Defending the sunburnt country, by Mark D Hayes. Australia's defence past, present and future. A look at a range of alternatives to our current defence alliance which implicates us in the USA's nuclear madness. And a call to the peace movement to seriously discuss alternative defence and to prepare for nuclear war.

Roxby downs blockade, by Christina Shepherd. Roxby Downs ‒ the uranium mine you have when you're not having a uranium mine. A concise look at the many issues involved, and the planned protest at the mine

Environment education course guide. So you want to learn about the environment. Chain Reaction brings you a listing of tertiary environment education courses, along with comments and student criticisms.

Energy policy without power, by Don Siemon. The environment movement now has comprehensive proposals on energy use to promote, but the problem remains of how to get them implemented by governments.

Springtime in West Germany, by Ally Fricker. An Australian environmental activist's impressions of the West Germany Green party. Their divisions, the dilemmas caused by their electoral success, their policies on women and peace, their structure and philosophy.

The Wimmera wasting away, by Peter Sayer. A court decision halts discharge of sewerage effluent into the Wimmera River in north-west Victoria. Its implications threaten a review of water management throughout the state.


Chain Reaction #32 ‒ June-July 1983

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Land rights and wrongs, by Meredith Wilkie. Give and take. The NSW government revokes Aboriginal ownership of 10,000 hectares while making a Land Rights Act overture.

Aboriginal housing in Victoria, by Jenny Bryant. Aboriginal attempts to control their housing programs are hampered by government paternalism and lack of funding.

Green Guide, by Rosemary Nichols. Chain Reaction will publish a guide to environmental education courses next edition. Read why you should send us comments on courses you've done.

Pesticides on trial, by Barbara Hutton. How adequate is the testing and regulation of pesticides in Australia?

Activist contacts. Chain Reaction's annual lift-out listing of environment and community action groups

Supplement: The work environment, by Paul Baker. A look at the potential for unionists and environmentalists to work together. Plus a report on a unique health and safety agreement at Williamstown Naval Dockyards.

Shell sheds coal jobs, by Mark Cole. Shell is moving into coal production and distribution worldwide, but is sacking coal miners. Why?

The wild card, by Adam Carr. How did the Franklin River campaign affect the 5 March federal election?

Child care grows from the grassroots, by the Community Child Care Collective. The growth of the children's services movement and its links with energy conservation strategies.


Chain Reaction #31 ‒ Autumn 1983

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Communications technology: disconnecting the public, by Ariel Couchman. Cable television, satellites, videotex ... how are these services being introduced into Australia, and for whose benefit?

AIS tells residents to cough up or no jobs, by Glenn Mitchell. People in Cringila fight a proposal by Australian Iron & Steel to dump its wastes near their homes.

Ecology and ideology, by Ariel Kay Salleh. Ecology is "not just green" but it's not simply "red" either.

Breast milk: a source of more than nutrition, by Rosemary Nichols. Mother's milk is seriously contaminated by toxic chemicals. Making the milk safe means stopping the pollution of the environment.

Work-induced repetition injuries, by Sharon Callahan. Lorraine Powell and Anne King. Thousands of workers, mostly women, suffer crippling injury from doing repetitive tasks.

Martial power, by Wistula Zelen. Polish authorities have announced an ambitious nuclear power program.

NSW rainforest saved, by Jenny Quealy. How true are timber industry claims that jobs will be lost when NSW's rainforests are proclaimed national parks?


Chain Reaction #30 ‒ Summer 1982/83

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Land rights after the games, by Harald Klein. The Games are over; the fight for land rights goes on. How effective were Black protests?

Exploding the hydro job myth, by Bob Beatty, Tina Perinotto and Keith Tarlo. Building dams destroys jobs in other sectors of Tasmania's economy. There are viable alternatives to flooding the Franklin.

Running wild, by Karen Alexander. How to save the South West.

The real Shell report, by Jenny Hocking. From Aurukun to South West Tasmania, from seeds to solar hot water. Shell is expanding its investments ... and its control of Australia's economy and politics.

Fighting for work in Newcastle, by David Ross. Newcastle community groups are developing strategies to counter Wran's energy export boom scenario for the region.

Why nuclear war is more likely, by Joanne Pemberton. It can be stated quite matter-of-factly that we are on the brink of disaster, but how and why did we get here?

Sydney's toxic wastelands, by Wieslaw Lichacz. Awareness of the dangers of toxic industrial waste is increasing. A look at resident opposition to disposal and incinerator sites in Sydney's western suburbs.

Wall Street drops nukes, by John Hallam. The USA nuclear power industry is in trouble as investors discover reactors don't pay


Chain Reaction #29 ‒ Spring 1982

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ALP U Turn. The ALP's uranium policy has been changed considerably. In what way, and why?

Land claims or no games. The Commonwealth Games are a stark reminder of the illegal seizure of Aboriginal land and the oppression and genocide of Aboriginal people. The Games will provide a focus for international attention on the apartheid system in Queensland.

Unions, uranium and you. What were the pressures that brought about recent ACTU executive decisions on uranium policy? And what can unions do now to stop uranium mining?

No boom for women. The shift in expenditure towards infrastructure for the 'resource boom' has created only a few service jobs for women. These jobs are mostly part time or casual and low paid. The shift has also caused reductions in social expenditure.

Antarctica getting into hot water. An eight-page Chain Reaction supplement looking at threats to the Antarctic ecosystem and the global environment from oil exploitation.

Pacific first strike. Reporting on the role played by the network of military bases and facilities throughout the west Pacific and Indian Oceans in the nuclear first-strike strategy of the USA.

National con. The Australian National Conservation Strategy suggests that we need to 'integrate conservation with development'. But rational use of our natural resources may be incompatible with our economic system.

Malay dam. The 110-megawatt Tembeling hydroelectric project will submerge 130 sq km of peninsular Malaysia's only National Park and will displace 5000 people. Other sites and energy sources are available but work may begin in 1984.


Chain Reaction #28 ‒ Winter 1982

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Land barrens. Vast tracts of land are being given to pastoral companies and pastoralists. Who's doing it and why?

Seeds update. The latest moves for and against plant-patenting legislation. Consumer interpol's Anwar Fazal. Fazal talks to Chain Reaction about 'dumping' in the Third World.

Ecology and ideology. More on the direction and strategies of the environment movement.

Activist contacts. A lift-out address guide to environment and community action groups.
Supplement: ALP uranium policy. Which factions might attempt to undermine present uranium policy at the ALP national conference in July?

'Stony Point' resource rip off. While companies rake off the dollars, locals lose a unique environment and energy reserves.

Wollongong in crisis. Regional strategies will counter job loss and environmental decline in Wollongong.

Roxby Downs. How could this uranium deposit cause an election in South Australia?
Sexual harassment. Unions and workers campaign to counter sexual harassment of working women.

Three Mile Island 3 years on. The clean-up at Three Mile Island is unfinished but the money's running out. Who'll pay?


Chain Reaction #27 ‒ Autumn 1982

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The future of South West Tasmania will be decided in mainland Australia electorates this year.

Anti-nuclear 1982: An overview of recent anti-nuclear campaigning and a positive look at future directions and action.

Uranium enrichment.

War & peace.

Reagan's first strike.

Black Hills.

Ecology / ideology. Five views on the direction, the ideology and strategies of the environment movement.

The neglected environment. The work environment, workers' health and industrial accidents should be an important area of concern for environmentalists.

Arid Australia.

Seventy percent of Australia is arid land, yet little has been done about Its conservation. Until now.

Reef barriers. The real story behind the Queensland government's wrangling with the federal government over the Great Barrier Reef.

When the chips are down. Visual display units are worsening an already bad work situation for office workers. But attempts to improve things are being thwarted by employers. A worker's experience.


Chain Reaction #26 ‒ Summer 1981/82

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1982: A look at what will be happening around Australia on environmental, energy and food issues.

USA Rules. OK? The United Nations Conference on New and Renewable Sources of

Rainforest. An extensive report on the world's rainforests and a close look at the situation in Cape York, Australia.

For whom do booms toll? Socialists consider responses to projects which are bringing fundamental changes in the structure of the Australian economy.

East Gippsland: Forests or woodchips. A Chain Reaction supplement. ·
The resources boom takes off in New Zealand.
Plastic contained. Tough for Coca-Cola and the packaging companies. Juice next?

The big one in Britain. Take down flammable curtains, fill the bath with water, stock up with food and batteries. Or join the Anti-Nuclear Campaign.

Going, going, gone. A look at the world situation of endangered animals, and Australia's share of the problem.

Tourism traps. Read this before you leave for overseas travel, preferably before you plan your trip.

The ALP'S Stewart West. Chain Reaction interviews the federal Labor spokesperson on the environment.


Chain Reaction #25 ‒ Spring 1981

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Rivers referendum. South West Tasmania's wild rivers may be the subject of a referendum to break through a deadlock in the state parliament.

Labor and environment in Victoria. With the prospect of a new state government in Victoria, Chain Reaction writers look at what Frank Wilkes' team will change.

The vitamin pill push. Is it healthy to take the dose of vitamin pills being pumped out by 'our democratic free enterprise system'? An honest look at the National Health and Medical Research Council's recommendations.

Harry Butler: Up the Creek. Has Australia's best known 'conservationist' sold out to government and business interests?
Food politics primer. A 40-page Chain Reaction supplement. How hunger is made. Aid as obstacle. Creating new markets. Carving up the seas. The invisible women. The bread line. The business of agriculture. Action guide.

Fueling dissent. What happens when there is industrial development? Jobs for locals or for thousands moving in to live in caravans, while unemployment remains high. People organise in the Latrobe valley.

Even when you win, you lose. The Japan and New Guinea Timbers Co Ltd and Papua New Guinea Government are ordered to pay KI0,000 in compensation to the Jobto people ‒ but refuse.

Class war. Efforts to protect the Jarrah go on, despite a court decision in the USA.

Land rights in Scandinavia. The Sarni people of northern Scandinavia are resisting plans for a major hydro-electric power scheme.

Nuclear action. The new Coalition for a Nuclear Free Australia. An anti-uranium conference in Europe. A Western Australian nuclear free zone campaign


Chain Reaction #24 ‒ Winter 1981

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Fighting lead to win. Environmental and health pressure groups move Australia's governments to a ban on lead in petrol.

Alcoa clearing the jarrar. Western Australian conservationists take the Aluminium Company of America and Reynolds Metals back home, to court. Here's why.

Buying Portland. How that good corporate citizen Alcoa moved into their new neighbourhood in Victoria.

The cost of diamonds. How to "shape a social and political environment" to avoid the probable ultimate success of the Aboriginal Land Rights movement.

The incredible shrinking department. An explanation of the federal government's administration of environmental affairs.

School's out. Positive action on tertiary environment education in Tasmania.

Passing the buck on DES. Australian health authorities disinterest and inaction over the diverse and continuing effects of an artificial hormone prescribed by doctors.

Pigs and pens. Interview with Animal Liberation activist and writer Christine Townend.


Chain Reaction #23 ‒ Autumn 1981

To read or download PDF click here.

Ben Lomond uranium

Seed issue germinates (plant and seed patenting) ‒ By Mark Cole

Rainforest ‒ Australia's rainforests are magnificent ecosystems, threatened by severe logging programmes ‒ By Kathie Rea and Tim Darling

Forests & politics in New South Wales

More tonnes of sand (sand mining on Moreton Island)

Low point for highest waters ‒ By Simon Balderstone

Free Pacific supplement (Marshall Islanders put to the test [nuclear]; Biological time bomb; Mistrust in trustees; Low level facts [nuclear]; They lie about the sea bed [nuclear]; The Pacific armoury; Pacific trade unions unites; The case for a Nuclear-Free Pacific)

A case for whaling (in Alaska's Arctic region)

Development Minefield [mining]


Chain Reaction #22 ‒ Summer 1980

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Winds of change at ACTU: Cliff Dolan, the new ACTU President, interviewed.
Food for people ... Or cars: Now we can make fuel from crops, what are the prospects for food supplies?

Chipping into Tasmania: What they can't flood, they'll chop down. A local sawmiller is among the critics of the Forestry Commission.

World Wildlife Fund: Where the money comes from ... a Who's Who piece for Chain Reaction

Holidays: What is the result of yours and ours?
Defending the Great Barrier Reef: A review of one of Australia's most important conservation campaigns.
What's a Cat-scan? Doctors are using them, but should they and when?
The Fri: Plans to set sail for a Nuclear Free Pacific

Strange customs: There is big money in trading in endangered species. Customs officers call for their Bureau to be investigated. Meanwhile cheetah skins sell for $1,000,000.

How to use solar electricity: A comprehensive guide for building your own power systems.
Pulping Victoria: East Gippsland ‒ look out long-footed potoroo, leafless tounge orchid; cabbage fan palm, long club moss, dainty wedge pea ... here goes your environment.


Chain Reaction #21 ‒ October/November 1980

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Seven seedy stories: In the worldwide campaign against plant patenting legislation, Australia's position is critical.

Money, votes & words: Budget fine print. A detailed analysis of Federal Government spending on the environment.

Political resources: What are the party policy differences on energy and resources issues?

Mr Thomson: Chain Reaction's exclusive interview with the Minister for Science and the Environment.

South West Tasmania: What really happened. The campaign. And ... over to you.

What we can now do to stop uranium mining: The second set of ideas for the future of the campaign.

Saving the suburbs: Good news from Brunswick, Melbourne.

Importing pollution: Just when you thought it was all over the man from DOW is back banging on the front door.


Chain Reaction, vol.5, no.4 ‒August-September 1980

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Environment Protection Axe. Does Malcolm Fraser approach this year's election with a better image on the environment than he deserves?

Logging the Islands. Forestry problems are not confined to Australia. And Lever do not just make detergents.

Aluminium. What is happening? Where? When? How? Who is up to what? Why? Australia's new boom industry.
Power Politics. The south-east States and the federal government explore new possibilities for co-operation. Look out for nuclear power.

Life in the Cold. Two views of the recent conference on Antarctic Marine Living Resources.

Dirt Cheap. Special report on this important new Australian feature film.

What we can now do to stop uranium mining? A debate begins on 'where to now?'

Bomb Survivors. A large island where atom bombs have been tested, uranium is mined, and there is a shortage of doctors specialising in radiation sickness, but no shortage of patients requiring attention.

Black Is Green. While one gathering of 'conservationists' clutched their new free briefcases and listened to Malcolm and Joh, in Cairns, nearby an 'inspiring alternative' was being attended by Aboriginal elders, conservationists, feminists, and Chain Reaction.

Reviews. Dirt Cheap, the new movie. Tasmanian Aborigines, A Perspective for the 1980's, a compelling new book. Nuclear Knights, previewed.


Chain Reaction, vol.5, no.3 ‒1980

To read or download PDF click here.

The Vanishing Seeds. International companies get a strong hold on seed production with enormous genetic · consequences. By Mark Cole.
FoE Mexico takes soybeans to Nicaragua.
Amazing Schemes. Tasmania's HEC plans dams galore for the Franklin River.
Ministers Delay Lead Action. A temporary set-back on air pollution from motor vehicles.
Wind Power. There are changes in the wind.
Europe's Pollution Scandals
FoE Malaysia. Environmental issues in third world.

Musicians Against Nuclear Energy. MANE hits off with a blast.

The Abundance of Food. Continuing the food debate from our highly popular special food issue. By Ian Pausacker.
Chancy ‒ Nuclear News. A run-down of nuclear events from around the world including the latest developments in Australia.

Rosalie Bertell – Anti Nuclear Nun. Highly qualified radiation expert and committed nun Rosalie Bertell has been inspiring Australian audiences. By Judy Wilks.

International Section

Photos of the European anti-nuclear movement

Italy: Energie Nucleare? No Grazie! By Leigh Holloway.

Britain: Non Violent Protest Spreading. By Linda Bradburn.

Wales: Living By Example. By Bob Fuller.

Denmark's Alternative Energy Newspaper. By Leigh Holloway.

Travel by Pedal ‒ Not Petrol. By Angela Puglsley.

Land Rights Conference. By Leigh Holloway

Solar Energy in the Home. A review of various Australian designs for solar homes from high technology to alternative lifestyle designs. By Mick Harris.

Antarctica and Whales. Latest news on the oceans front

Frozen Fire: The perils of Liquified Natural Gas.
Solar Home Book

Chain Reaction, vol. 5, no. 2 ‒ 1979/1980

Food Special

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News: Good News for the Whales ‒ Whaling Commission cuts quotas. Chancy Column ‒ Nuclear News.

Jad ‒ an activist painter. The Greening of the Greens (nuclear protest in Ireland).

Can the EPA Give Us Clean Air?

La Grande Bouffe ‒ Feasting Our Lives Away: The U.S. Senate has found that Americans had a healthier diet 50 years ago than they have now. The Australian diet is rapidly going in the same direction. All that meat (and fat, sugar, salt) and no potatoes! By Max Smart.

'Food: A Vehicle for Oppression, a Rallying Point for Justice! Monopolies and wealthy elites create hunger in the third world; higher prices at home. What can we do? Some suggestions for food activism. By Ben Witham.

Sweet Surrender! A Critique of the Sugar Industry. Is sugar a useful energy source or the classic junk food? By Peter Leman and Max Smart.

The Margarine Controversy. Since cholesterol and animal fats have been linked with heart disease there has been a boom in margarine sales. It's good news for the margarine manufacturers ‒ but the cholesterol theory is not proven. And there may be hidden hazards in margarine itself. By Diana Schneider.

New Hope for Heart Patients? A recent theory on heart disease holds out hope of a cure, in the form of fresh

fruit and avocadoes, and less processed foods. By Barbara Hutton

Special Vegetarian Section:

Why are people giving up meat? Reasons and recipes from Friends of the Earth and friends.

Henhouse Blues. The brief, unhappy life of the battery hen. By Sally Doyle.

The Decline of the Nuclear Industry, Part II ‒ The Long Shadow of Three Mile·Island. A spate of anti-nuclear legislation and· tough safety restrictions now threatens the survival of nuclear reactor supplier in the U.S. Around the world orders are drying up. Will the industry survive the fall-out from the Three Mile Island accident? By John Hallam.

Every Second Child. The rows of graves at Collarenebri testify to the awful infant mortality rate among Aborigines. Archie Kalokerinos, author of "Every Second Child", says the children are dying of scurvy brought about by poor diet and low immunity to disease. Others disagree. But why is nothing done to stop it? By Barbara Hutton.

"My Survival as an Aboriginal". Film review by Pat Lowther.

Book Reviews: 'Food First and World Hunger ‒ Ten Myths.' 'The Cancer Plague: The Politics of Cancer.'


Chain Reaction, vol.5, no.1 ‒ Aug/Sept 1979

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Karen Silkwood's 200-to-1 victory.

Finland: nuclear protest in the shadow of the USSR.

Barrier Reef ‒ Not safe yet!

Townsville's Mysterious Mine: When a Queensland minister announced that Minatome Australia would be permitted to mine uranium near Townsville, Lynn Martinez hired a light plane to fly over the site. She was warned not to go too close or Minatome "would shoot". Why does secrecy surround the mine?

The Energy Squeeze. As petrol gets scarcer, the prices rise. Who profits? By Phil Gleeson.

Alternatives to Petrol. L.P. Gas, alcohol, methane and hydrogen ‒ these are some of the fuels that could help to replace petrol. Electric cars and steam cars are also possibilities. Some of these alternatives are impractical, others an economic proposition right now. But can any of them provide the abundant, cheap energy we have come to expect? By Mick Harris .
Darwin's Autonomous Village. A small village, totally self-sufficient in energy and water, is underway at Humpty Doo near Darwin.

Dr Strangelove Meets Frankenstein. A portrait of Dr Edward Teller, father of the H-bomb and prototype for the character called "Dr Strangelove". Dr Teller is much admired by Lang Hancock and Queensland's Bjelke-Petersen. By Mark Plunkett

The Return of the Son-Of-A-friend-Who-Could-Be-Mistaken For-Dr-Strangelove. This is actually about Dr Peter Beckmann and his book "the Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear". Dr Strangelove's ally is extremely right-wing, that's for sure. But his book deserves reading. By Andrew Herington

Where Have All the Markets Gone? Last year Doug Anthony claimed that Australia was to be "another Saudi Arabia" made rich by its uranium. But since then world uranium demand has slowed down, and the promised riches are as elusive as El Dorado. Will Australia sell its uranium? Can the miners add up straight? By John Hallam

Chain Reaction Interview. Interview by Barbara Hutton. The Bataan Reactor near Manila is causing great concern to local people. This year 3 Filipinos toured Australia to let Australians know how they feel about it.

A Nuclear Reactor by 1995? It Doesn't Compute. Sir Charles Court would like to see a nuclear reactor in Western Australia by 1995 ‒ the WA State Electricity Commission has threatened to build up to 27 of them by the year 2025. Dr Peter Brotherton has done a few calculations to see if it's possible.

The China Syndrome. Reviewed by Jodi Adams. A film that came uncannily close to reality.

Book Reviews: Knocking on Heaven's Door ‒ a voyage to the Momma testing ground. Smalternatives ‒ A Personal Guide to Saving Energy and Money. The Southwest Book ‒ a compendium of fact and history about the wild and beautiful south-west of Tasmania.


Chain Reaction, vol.4, no.4 ‒ 1979

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Earth News. Behind the scenes at Harrisburg ‒ what really caused the near disaster? Meanwhile the Swiss voted to continue with the nuclear option, but only by a narrow margin. Racism rears its ugly head during Sydney's Australia Day festivities. New Zealanders protest against a nuclear sub. A setback for Aboriginal land claims at Ayers Rock.

Energy News. Solar Energy today . . . or maybe next year? But solar cells are getting cheaper and better all the time. ''Going Solar" leads the way in alternative energies and lifestyles. Victorian Premier, Dick Hamer's energy stunt fails to

Nuclear Power in Australia? By Barbara Hutton. Despite assurances by Premier Hamer, nuclear power is still on the cards for Victoria. Western Australia plans to go nuclear by 1995. Other states are quietly considering it. Nuclear power in Australia: ridiculous? Maybe so, but it could happen sooner than you think.

The Threat to Our Oceans: What Future For The Whale? By Kim O'Sullivan. The good news is that all whaling has been banned in Australian waters for 200 miles out to sea ...: but not till sperm whales were so scarce that they had to be protected. Why didn't the International Whaling Commission act sooner?

The Threat to Our Oceans: Interview: Sydney Holt. By Barbara Hutton. Sydney Holt, of the United Nations Environment Programs gives his personal opinions on the systematic killing that goes under the name of "scientific management". He concludes optimistically that whaling cannot go on much longer.

Trouble on Oiled Waters. By Brian Appleford and Linnell Secombe. Each year over 6 million tons of highly toxic oil is spewed into our oceans causing massive destruction of the marine environment. Although tankers only ·contribute about a third of this ‒ the increasing size of super-tankers and their susceptibility to breaking up in rough seas, could mean more and more disasters on the scale of that of the ill-fated super-tanker Amoco Cadiz.

Oiling a Few Palms. By Barbara Hutton. The Great Barrier is one of the great natural wonders of the world ‒ but greed and stupidity threatens its existence. Despite gesturing from the Federal Government, oil drilling remains imminent on the reef, and a real danger to the fragile ecosystem amongst the corals.

Fish: Food for Thought. By Brian Appleford. For generations the earth's surface has been over-grazed and over-cropped to the point where desertification of once fertile lands is now a major problem. Now since the Second World War, oceans are being over-fished to the point of turning them into aquatic deserts.

The Myths of World Trade. By Peter Leman. The questions of world affluence and poverty are cloaked in many myths, including myths of free trade and private enterprise. The truth is that the developed nations continue their colonial grip on developing nations by a global economic system which exploits the poor to increase the wealth of the rich.

Book Reviews. Reviewed are: Seeds For Change; Pumpkins Poisons and People; Nuclear Madness; and
Windscale Fallout.


Chain Reaction, Special Double Issue, vol. 4, no. 2/3 ‒ 1978

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Earth News: The fight to save the Franklin River gains momentum; Tasmania has lost its last regular passenger train system but gained an atom bomb; SYNROC isn't all it's cracked up to be; the war in East Timor; Aborigines resist the takeover of Aurukun and win land rights in South Australia; Feminism and Uranium Conference; Rolf Heimann released from jail after an 11-day fast.

The End of Whaling. By Barbara Hutton. The Cheynes Beach Whaling Company has skilfully dodged all responsibility for looking after its 102 sacked employees. Why did the whaling station at Albany have to close? There's one reason which the company is not willing to admit.

Dieback. By Bernard Mahon. Creeping death for West Australia's jarrah forests.


Food: For Profit or People? By Peter Leman. While people in the third world starve, grain, fishmeal, groundnuts and anchovies are exported to the West as stockfeed. Two thirds of Latin America's farmland is planted with cash crops for export.

The Baby Killers. By Fiona Lumb. The high-pressure sales tactics of international baby-food manufacturers have led to many infant deaths in the third world, and have also been implicated in the deaths of Aboriginal babies.

The Saga of Mac Yabbie Versus the Chemical Revolution. By Mac Yabbie. A yabbie farmer's plea for a simpler way of life, where human beings and the sweet fleshed yabbie can live in ecological balance, free from the scourge of pesticides.

Plastic Food: McDonald's Throws Up. By Hawthorn Community Forum. One doctor recommends the air between the buns as the most wholesome part of the McDonald's hamburger. Here are details about what goes into the sinister burgers.

Mother India: Misconceptions About Population. By Barbara Hutton. The western view that overpopulation is the root of poverty has led to calls for "the ethics of the lifeboat". But is overpopulation the cause of poverty, or is it the other way around? Can birth control programs succeed while peasants and women are downtrodden and powerless?

Nuclear Power in the Philippines. By Philippines Action Support Group. There are no public protests against nuclear power in the Philippines; they're not permitted under martial law. However the purchase of the Bataan reactor reeks of corruption.

Ranger: The Events Behind the Signing of the Agreement. By Richard Graves.

  1. The Agreement. Royalties which are miserable by world standards, feeble environment protection measures and no guarantee of employment for Aborigines ‒ these are the terms of the Ranger Agreement.
  2. Kakadu National Park: Aborigines will have to wait another I00 years before they are given control of their promised land.

Ill. "Dirty White Man's Politics": A chronology of the Ranger crisis, documenting the remarkable machinations used to get the Ranger Agreement signed.

  1. The Media Response: The way cartoonists saw the signing of the Agreement.

Letters: Sexism and hierarchy; conservation ‒ unionists' view; letter from Spain.

Book Reviews: Moruroa mon Amour: A French affair turned sour; Permaculture: Dreaming from the City Compost; Redefining National Security: Review of Worldwatch Paper No. 14.


Chain Reaction, vol. 4, no. 1 ‒ 1978

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Earth News: Rolf Hiemann sentenced over nuclear submarine demonstration; 2-4-5-T; Record smog

descends on Melbourne; Tasmania's last wild river is threatened.

Energy News: For less than the cost of one nuclear reactor, solar batteries could be mass-produced now; Simon Thornton offers an amazing, free, low-energy housing advisory service.

Oceans News: Are the Russians deceiving the FAO about fish catches? Will foreign fleets be allowed into Australian off-shore waters to hunt whales?

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind. By Andrew Herington. Nuclear satellite accidents have been described by the US National Security adviser as "almost close to totally unlikely". However several accidents have occurred, the last scattering 100 lb of highly enriched uranium through the atmosphere.

Uranium at Mansfield. By Cris Hattersley. While conservationists campaigned for an Alpine National Park near Mansfield the prospectors were not idle. Urangesellschaft has discovered uranium in Victoria.

Chain Reaction Interview: Galarrwuy Yunupingu. By Nina Claditz. Galarrwuy Yunupingu, chairman of the Northern Land Council, is obliged to negotiate with the uranium companies who plan to mine uranium on Aboriginal land. In this interview he talks about uranium mining, racism and the role of the churches.

Aborigines as Conservationists. Aboriginal hunting practices once played an important part in maintaining the ecological balance. Richard Graves suggests that despite the introduction of Western technology the aborigines still have an important role in preservation.

Borroloola: People in Crisis. By Peter Burgoyne. The Borroloola people of the Northern Territory have in theory won land rights. However their healthy culture and spiritual bond to the land is threatened by a mining project.

Can Indians and Environmentalists Find Common Ground? By David Zimmerman. Environmentalists and North Cheyenne Indians have formed an alliance to fight against strip mining in the Northern Great plains of the USA. However the alliance could crumble when Indians claim national park land nearby.

The Australian Experience. Pat Turner Kamara, former vice-president of FCAATSI, a national aboriginal organisation; points out similarities between the American Indians' position and the plight of aborigines. She asks for unconditional support for land rights.

Aurukun. By Lyndon Shea. Despite volumes of hot air from the direction of Canberra, Aurukun and Mornington Island have been taken over by the Queensland Government. Queensland's repressive treatment of blacks is revealed.

Kakadu: Where Laws Fall Down. By John Hallam. The recent "environment protection" legislation for the Kakadu National Park does not contain any specific regulations to protect the area. Secrecy provisions in the legislation make it virtually impossible for the public to find out when uranium miners in the region break nuclear safety codes, and the park is no nearer to being proclaimed.

Letters: Ecofeminism; the China Debate; embarrassing cartoons.


Chain Reaction, Women's Edition, vol. 3, no. 4 ‒ 1978

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Aborigines: How mining affects the people at Oenpelli

Antarctica: The season for exploitation?

Civil liberties in a nuclear state: Nuclear power as Tyrannosaurus Rex

Power over power creates power over people: "Sexism, racism, class, nuclear state oppression ... all have as their roots oppression by people who desire ultimate power
Progress, patriarchs and nuclear power. By Zoe Sofulis

Letters from Woman's Day: There is a deep-seated unease amongst Australian women about the uranium issue which has not been allayed by pro-nuclear propaganda

Petfood and Perfume: The exploitation of the whale

Women Against Nuclear Energy

Contact list for women's groups

Wasted Woman-Power; The alienation of women in consumerist society: How women have been isolated in the suburbs, and kept out of the planning process. The way forward.

The Dying Housewife ‒ Poem

Women at work: Occupational Health Hazards: "If they get a needle stuck in their finger I pull it out with a pair of pliers"

Letters on China: Replies to the article "China, an environmentalist's dream?"

Letters on Sexism

Packaging: The garbage industry

Backyard Revolution: Changing your own lifestyle


Chain Reaction, vol. 3, no. 3 ‒ 1977

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Earth News: Round-up of Australian and international environment news.

"Biggest Pest since the Rabbit"! The Fraser Government's performance. A (broken) promise by promise analysis of the Fraser Government's (mal)performance on environmental issues.

Wind Power:
From Omar's Slave to Grandpa's Knob: A Short History of Windmills. By Linnell Secombe.

What's Watt of Wind: A Basic Guide to Wind Energy. By Alan Pears.

Wind Technology Review: Alan Parker gives an up-to-the-minute review of the latest developments in wind power around the world.

Wind Power Industry: Building an industrial base for wind technology in Australia.

Wind Power for Australia:
Part 1 ‒ How Many Mills? How many wind generators would be needed to meet the electricity needs of a year-2000 'conserver society' in Australia? What size would they need to be? John Andrews looks into the details of a wind-energy scenario.

Part 2 ‒ Siting Windmills. Where could these wind generators be sited? A state-by-state review of wind energy potential. How decentralisation of our population distribution and production would ease the problem of 'visual pollution' from windmills.

Building a Wind Generator: Do-it-yourself instructions for a 2 metre diameter wind-electric generator.

Nobody seems to hear him ...

Profile of Ted Andrew, retired shearer's cook, author of Australia's first book devoted to wind power.

What is Antarctica? Who wants to exploit this wild and beautiful wilderness? Brian Appleford looks at the looming threat to peace on the icy continent.

Desert Creep: David Carter reports on the insidious spread of deserts around the world . . . and on the creeping sands in Australia.

China ‒ An Environmentalist's Dream? Ian Pausacker returns from China with many of his
dreams about the country shattered.


Chain Reaction, vol. 3, no. 2 ‒ 1977

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Jobs and Energy:

A Solar Solution to Unemployment. Richard Grossman and Gail Daneker, of the US group Environmentalists for Full Employment, argue that energy conservation measures and use of renewable energy technology could solve the unemployment crisis in the US.

Chain Reaction Interview with Richard Grossman, Coordinator of Environmentalists for Full Employment.

Energy and Employment in Australia. The jobs and energy situation here and a review of Richard Grossman's recent Australian tour.

Workers and Greenies: A Coalition for Technological Change and Meaningful Work? John Andrews calls for combined action by environmentalists and unionists to press for introduction of alternative technology in a way that leads to more meaningful work and socially-useful production.

The Politics of Alternative Energy:

  1. Is Alternative Technology Enough? Brian Martin reviews Amory Lovins' influential paper
    'Energy Strategy: The Road not Taken?', and argues that Lovins has ignored the politics of alternative technology. Amory's reply is included at the end.
  2. A Queanbeyan Soft Drink Factor. "Solar energy used to produce canned coke at
    Queanbeyan": A great leap forward in deployment of solar energy? Or should we even be marketing soft drink in cans?
  3. What Sort of Society is Possible? How we can move towards a society based on soft energy technologies and guaranteeing greater social justice and participation in decision-making?

The Clamshell Alliance. A non-violent occupation of a US reactor site.

"There's no future in FOE". By Peter Hayes; the first of a new series critically probing FOE philosophy and strategy.

Food Coops. Barbara Hutton and Max Smart describe how to set up a food coop, and the experiences of some already in operation.

Bunyip. A short story by Richard Litke.


Chain Reaction, vol. 3, no. 1 ‒ 1977

Transport Feature.

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Jimmy Carter 1 ‒ Nuclear Policy. US Policy and Australian Uranium

Fox Report 2 ‒ Main Points

Chain Reaction Interview. Bruce McGuinness and Gary Foley of the Aboriginal Cooperative, Melbourne, on their reaction to the second Fox Report.

Jimmy Carter 2 ‒ Oil Policy. What happens to Australia if it fails?

The Only Way. An oil conservation policy for Australia.

Using the Good Oil Better. Using cars better, better new cars, integrating taxis with public transport, minibuses, picnic vans power-assisted bikes, and bikes.

From Mobility to Community: Restructuring Our Cities. A radical strategy to change the land-use patterns in large cities so as to simultaneously reduce drastically the need for transportation, especially motor cars, and recreate the lost sense of community in suburban areas.

"Autocrazy". The car as killer, castle and phallic symbol – pictorial review.

Production Line Blues. The Australian car industry now and tomorrow. Possibilities for more socially and environmentally appropriate production.

Lucas Feedback. Vehicle Builders' Union reaction to article "Make Cars, Join the Dole Queue or What" (on initiative of Lucas Aerospace workers in the U.K.), published in last C.R.
Book Review. "Alternative Techology", David Dickson.

Energy Guide. How energy is used in Australia, emphasising use in transportation sector.

Beyond the Urban Fringe. A contrast between the transport needs of two new settlements near Melbourne: Endeavour Hills latest addition to urban sprawl, sight of The Age's "The Low Energy Home" and Moora Moora, a cooperative near Healesville with plans for a holistic low-energy lifestyle.

Transport, Time and Mobility. What is the net speed of car travel in Australia when we consider all the time spent in paying for and running it?

Wabo Superdam ‒ PNG Villages Lose Out. Multinational Corporations plan 'inappropriate
technology' in Papua New Guinea tor refining bauxite and enriching uranium.


Friends of the Earth, Solar Power for the Home: A Special Chain Reaction Reprint.

December 1977

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Solar Water Heating. A detailed review of solar water-heating systems and sources of information, including many new do-it-yourself ideas.
Community Technology. The autonomous house at Sydney University.

Solar Energy up North. Barbara James describes how Darwin has taken off on solar power, once again after the cyclone!

Technology for the People by the People. Captain Eddy's legacy. We talk with 82-year-old Marie Nurse, one of Melbourne's oldest friends of the sun.

And What Do the Solar Companies Say? An interview with Beasley's of Adelaide, an Australian manufacturer of solar water heaters.

Solar Technology and Political Change. Brian Martin writes on the interplay between technology and society, and discusses the politics of solar energy.

Solar Space Heating. Warming inner space with sunshine. A review of solar design ideas and solar houses in Australia and overseas.

Solar Energy Bibliography inside/outside back cover. Access to the latest solar technology.


Chain Reaction, vol. 2, no. 3 ‒ 1976

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Reply to Fox Report on Uranium Mining. Joe Camilleri explains why the First Report of the
Ranger Inquiry is anything but a 'green light'.
Chain Reaction Interview ‒ Jack Mundey elaborates his views on alternative technology, conservation and class, and the retooling of factories so that they produce more socially-useful products.

Technology for the People by the People. Captain Eddy's legacy. We talk with 82-year old Marie Nurse, one of Melbourne's oldest friends of the sun.

And What Do the Solar Companies Say? An interview with Beasley's of Adelaide an Australian manufacturer of solar water heaters.

Solar Water Heating. A detailed review of solar water-heating systems and sources of information, including many new do-it-yourself ideas.

Solar Energy up North. Barbara James describes how Darwin has taken off on solar power, once again after the cyclone!

Solar Space Heating. Warming inner space with sunshine. A review of solar design ideas and solar houses in Australia and overseas.

Solar Technology and Political Change. Brian Martin writes on the interplay between technology and society, and discusses the politics of solar energy.

Bridenbaugh in Australia. The former 'complaints manager' for General Electric's nuclear reactors comes to Australia and gives the inside story on reactor safety.

Sunrise in the West. A dream of a solar future in Australia.

Community Technology. The autonomous house at Sydney University.


Chain Reaction, vol. 2, no. 2 ‒ 1976

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Earth News

The Long Ride to Canberra: FOE's 2nd national bike ride against uranium.

Hiroshima: A top scientist involved in the world's first atomic bomb programme speaks out on the dangers to world peace as a result of the proliferation of the nuclear industry.

Railworkers Take the Lead: The inside story on the recent national rail strike from Paul Marshall, our correspondent in Townsville.

Ranger Uranium Enquiry: Justice Fox deliberates on the world environmental situation.

Corporate Energy Grab: Transnational companies take over the energy field in the western world.

Aboriginal Letter of Concern: A black woman writes of her people's concern for the Earth.

Chain Reaction Interview: We interview Dr Alan Roberts, a senior lecturer in Physics at Monash University.

The Expert Worldview ‒ Census or Nonsense? John Price, co-author with Amory Lovins of "Non-nuclear Futures", writes on statistics and self sufficiency.

Whole Energy Workshop: An introduction to measuring energy and power.

Community Technology: Latest developments in alternative technology.

DIY Wind Power: Do-it-yourself ways of finding the best site tor free power from the wind.

Book Reviews



Chain Reaction, vol. 2, no. 1, Autumn 1976

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This first issue of Chain Reaction for 1976 is the result of FoE's decision at our national meeting to change Chain Reaction from a member's newsletter into a national activist oriented environmental magazine.

The FoE Leak Bureau (p.2)

The Ranger Uranium Blues

The Toxic Metals. Australia catches up (one step forward, two steps back).

The Pain of Minamata – a pictorial essay.

Gove: Beyond Minamata – Black News Service

Behold: The Ball Bearing. By Ivan Illich.

Conservation in China. By Peter Hayes.

The Chain Reaction Interview: John Price, co-author of non-nuclear futures.

Habitat Supplement.

Food. By Emma Moodie-Young.

On Judging Eggs. Extracts of the Lovins/Lapp Ranger transcripts.

The Browns Ferry Incident. How 2,200 megawatts of nuclear electric took on one candle – and lost!

The Uranium Bandwagon. By Herb Finn.

Solar Cells. From popular Science.

Ride Against Uranium: May 8-18, 1976

The Omni-directional Milligan. Spike Milligan – conservationist.

Aurukun Land: No Mining. Keep Out! By Don Seimans and the Aurukun People.

FoE workshop.


Chain Reaction ‒ Nov 1975

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Editorial – The FoE Leak Bureau

Mercury found in Australian whales

South Africa and uranium

Ranger uranium inquiry

Japan's uranium follies

Special supplement ‒ the alternatives to nuclear power:

‒ Ecological alternatives

‒ Introduction

‒ Energy policy

‒ Renewable energies (solar, wind, fuel fields & fuel forests, hydropower, geothermal)

‒ Energy and materials back-up


Chain Reaction, no.3 ‒ Sept 1975

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Amory Lovins tour

Cape York Sanctuary

FoE's Journey north

Bike Ride to Canberra

Nuclear Power & the Third World

Greenpeace V saves whales

Canberra ‒ Smog City

Sydney City Council exposed

Cook Island cronies


Concorde Discord